Treats for someone on chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a reliable cancer treatment, but there's no doubt that it can be a challenge.  Whilst some people do sail through treatment, for most people it does have some side effects. It's a time when a morale boost or two can be very welcome.  The trouble is, knowing what to give. Traditional 'foodie' gifts may not sit well with potential nausea.

A new initiative by the charity 'The Treatment Bag', provides a gift bag full of little gifts, designed to give an emotional and practical 'boost' during chemotherapy.  As their webpage says - 'Treatment Bags have been specifically put together for cancer patients going through chemotherapy and other treatments. They contain a selection of luxurious, relevant products, to help brighten the darkest of days'.

You can find details for ordering a bag for someone one treatment on their website

Warm wishes


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