Posting comments and messages

 A few members have been in touch to say that when posting messages that are long, or have taken a  long time to write, they have been logged out  and that some have lost content  of the messages they are posting.  We have been in touch with the techies about this and are working on a fix.  In the meantime please copy your  message before you post it  just in case.   

If you get  message to say  you need to log in when you press post,  you can  also press your back browser button and can usually copy your message then log in again to post it. 

 Thanks to those of you who have been in touch about this, as many of you will know this online community is very new and  we are all finding our way around. We welcome your feedback  to help us shape it for the future. 

For anyone wanting some tips to using the online community, you may be interested to read my recent  'How to'  blog which gives step by step guides to messages, editing profiles, email preferences and more 

 Best wishes