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Confidentiality Policy

You can be anonymous on Maggie's Online Centre. All we know about you is what you choose to tell us or put in your profile.

We encourage you not to put identifying details anywhere on Maggie's Online Centre.

We can't guarantee confidentiality on the public parts of the site so please be aware of this when you create or update your profile, send a personal message to another member and post in conversations and blogs. Don't write anything about yourself that you wouldn't want strangers to know and ensure you have set the appropriate privacy settings on your profile.

Your account details are stored on a secure database. The e-mail address you give at registration will not be available publicly. The details with which you register for an Online Support Group will be stored with your profile on the secure database. Find out more..

We guarantee that anything you say in an Online Support Group is confidential within Maggie's. Transcripts of the group sessions will only be available to the support group facilitators and members and are stored on our secure database. In the future transcripts or user-generated content may be used for research purposes but they will be fully anonymous so anything you discuss cannot be traced to you.

Everything discussed during an Online Support Group is confidential and must be kept within the 'four walls' of the group. Please don't discuss anything raised within the group with anyone else without the member and the group's explicit consent. If you think another member is breaking this agreement please send a personal message to the Online Manager. We have created a private group with conversations that only members of the support group can access and we ask that you discuss all group issues here, not on the public conversations. Transcripts of group sessions will also be available here and we ask you not to share these with anyone else.

The only exception to maintaining your confidentiality is if you give us reason to believe that you, or anyone else, are at risk of significant harm. In this event, we may need to take steps to ensure that appropriate help is given by contacting a relevant professional. However, we would aim to discuss any worrying issues with you prior to our needing to pass on any information.

What do we mean by significant harm?

Significant harm means if you express real intent to harm yourself or others. We understand that people may express strong feelings and so will assess each case individually before taking any action. Significant harm includes:

  • If we feel you or someone you talk about is in life-threatening danger.
  • If we feel you are deliberately preventing us from carrying out our service.
  • If you threaten staff and it is felt their safety may be at risk.
  • If we have a court order to divulge information.
  • If we have bomb warnings or information about terrorism.

What do we mean by identifying details?

Identifying details means anything with which you could potentially be identified. For example: your full name and address, place of work, date of birth and oncology consultant etc.

You can't be identified from your profile name; your first name; the area in which you live (for example London or Manchester) etc.

If you are at all unsure, please send a personal message to the Online Manager.

Policy created: June 2008.
Policy reviewed: June 2009.
Review date: December 2009.

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