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My Journey with lung cancer

Started by Anonymous on 16 June 2017 at 13:11

About 3 weeks ago i had an chest xray as i had a persistant cough, and they found a shadow on my left lung, thats when the whirlwind started within a week or so I had a CT scan, Pet scan and cat scan and a biopsy on my lungs, and 2 days ago I got the news that I had lung cancer, also one of the scans had picked up a hot spot on my right nipple which may be nothing, or could be related to my lung cancer or might be breast cancer, yesterday i went to see my consultant with my wife with me, I now have another scan and biopsy for the possible breast problem on monday next week, then start on chemo probably mid week, so i find myself on an emotional roller coaster, after my visit to the consultant we dropped in to Maggies in Dundee and had a gret cup of tea and a biscuit with Sheilla who is on the staff there,as i am facing lots of visits to the hospital and the round trip is about 60 miles the cost was a concern but Sheilla informed me i can claim the cost back at the hospital , this will be a great help finacially, at the moment i am confused frightened and a little angry, but my chat with the lung nurse and Sheilla helped me understand that, I am not alone and there are lots of people out there that will help and support me through this My wife has been terrific in the support she is giving me even me local GP called me last night to have a chat and offer support, so you may feel that you are alone but always remember there is an army of people out there that will help and support you through your "Journey with cancer" mine is just beginning but I will keep you updated on my progress all the way through my treatment to my becoming another cancer survivor, and yes it does help me to talk about it so this chat is actually quite selfish as it is for my benifit, but just maybe it will help others to realise that you are not alone on your "Journey with cancer" Cheers Ray

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  • Picture of SusieQ
    From SusieQ  
    17 July 2017 at 10:55
    Edited on: 17 July 2017 at 10:55

    Hi Ray,

    It sounds like you've got quite a bit of treatment ahead - with the radiotherapy too - but it's good that the chemotherapy is being well tolerated at present. Having said that, the heartburn may be fairly uncomfortable...?

    Your hospital team sound a good team, and keeping you well looked after and informed.

    Hoping the Planning C/T scan goes OK...and we'll be thinking of you as you start the R/T - Chemo combination...

    Warm wishes


  • From Anonymous
    16 July 2017 at 20:27

    Second sesion of chemo Had my second session of chemo on wed 12 july at 09-30 all started fine on a flush drip for about 20 mins when the nurse came to me and said the doctor wanted an xray, and i could have one straight away, she also tells me it is routine,,, phewwww,,,,, so drip disconnected and im off to xray, about 3/4 hour later im back on the drips , feeling comfortable and a lot more relaxed than my first sesion, untill the doctor shows up and says she would like a word with me,,,then pulls the screens around us,,,OMG ,,whats she going to tell me, she has studied the exrays and GOOD news,,, the shadow / tumor that was originally on my left lung has SHRUNK by around 25% its a visual calculation but it is GREAT news, so i am on cloud 9 , it is only the start of my treatment but the results are encouraging, if you read my first conversation you will know that i needed tested for possible breast cancer which may have been related to my lung cancer, and now the doctor gives me the news that the lump on my breast is NOT related to the lung cancer, and she would like to go ahead and reinforce my treatment with radiotherapy, which should give me the best chances of success, immediately I agree but we chat about all the side effects of radio+ chemotherapy combined, as I have done a lot of research into this treatment since being diagnosed, I am definately going ahead with the combined treatment, which will probably start with my next chemo session ( early aug) I now have an appointment tomorrow ( mon 17th) for a ct scan where they work out exactly where the radio needs to be applied to target this precicely I must admit I am concerned about how I will react to the posdible side effects, but having had the support of the team at ninewells through my first session and sorting out what was mild side effects, very bad and consistant heart burn, if thats as bad as it gets i will be a happy chappie So looking forward to my continued treatment Ray

  • From Anonymous
    22 June 2017 at 15:33

    Hi Suzi The team in Dundee Ninewells and Maggies are fantastic, after my initial shock horror at being diagnosed, they helped me understand the treatment process, but more importantly that I was not alone in this but had a huge familly of proffessionals and friends willing to help me through this, but I was still unsure waiting for my treatment to start so I had a breast scan and biopsy on monday, and while I was waiting to see the doctor my lung nurse called me to say i would start chemo on wed, and asked if i could come in on tuesday to go over the procedure, but as I was already in the hospital I said I would come and see her as soon as I finished in the breast clinic ( thinking it would be around 1 hour) that was at 1-30 pm and I did not get clear till 4pm, thinking i might be to late I hurried round to the unit, where the nurse sat me down got me a cup of tea and soon had me chilled out, then took a lot of time explaing the procedure and answering my many questions, so i was ready for my treatment but still apprehensive, on the day I was amazed at how easy the nurses and other staff made my whole day, and they kept me well fed and watered all day, so much water to make sure my kidneys were functioning, I felt like I could pee for Scotland at the olympics, suffice to say my kidneys were working overtime LOL, my fluid intake target for today is 6 pints of water/ juice and lots of tea Cheers Ray

  • Picture of SusieQ
    From SusieQ  
    22 June 2017 at 10:17
    Edited on: 22 June 2017 at 10:18

    Hi Ray,

    It sounds like the chemotherapy session went smoothly ...and you certainly were fed well. They sounded a good team on the chemotherapy ward...

    Things may start kicking in a bit later today, so take things steady...but you sound in good hands. What a day to start your treatment - the hottest day of the year...

    Lovely to hear from you,

    Warm wishes


  • From Anonymous
    22 June 2017 at 09:44

    First session of chemo was yesterday, I was really apprehensive about it , my wife and I got to the unit nice and early to be told the chemo drugs were going to be late, ahh well these things happen, the drugs arrive just before 10am so was all prepped up with drip in place and started on fluids at 10am , just in time for the lovely tea n coffee lady to come round and offer everyone a cuppa, I could get to like this, as I had been told they wanted to check my kidneys were working fine I would have to drink lots of water/ juice throught the day, oh no i need to go pee but I am hooked up to the drip which is plugged into the electric socket ???? Call Ashley " my nurse for the day" and she shows me how to unplug and move around with the drip feed, so im off and running, not quite literaly but I wasnt hanging around, first sample of the day delivered, hands washed and back to my comfy recliner plug in the power and relax, while chatting with my wife and the nurses who were always there to make sure things were running smoothly when my dispenser unit started bleeping they would come over check it out and change the fluid bag or just tweek the controls so it was working fine, they give you a 500ml jug of iced water that is topped up all the time, so I took it as a chalenge to drink it, LOL, little tip here they also have juice flavours so I had a switch to blackcurrent which was easier to drink, my wife went off to visit her mum about 11-30 so I got stuck into my book,and just settled down with my feet up, ok time to go pee again, think the kidneys are working just fine, just got back in time for lunch I had soup turkey sandwich and pudding with custard and ate the lot washed down with more tea and juice, by this time I am used to the routine and thinking, there is nothing to this, what was I concerned about, and it really is that easy, the rest of the day went the same way, but nurse Ashley decided to play a trick on me, after I had given my 5th or 6th pee sample of the day she came to me to say that I was not peeing enough, when a look of horror appeared on my face a Big smile appeared on her face, yes she got me i was doing just fine but think she was checking my sense of humour, and the rest of the day went the same, even got fed again around 6 pm, more soup , roast turkey sweetcorn and potatoes, and a trifle, very nice, as my wife had arrived back with my 2 grand daughters and they had to sit and watch me eat I sent them out to mcdonalds for a treat as my treatment was not due to finish till 7-30 pm , I finally got finished with my treatment at about 7-45, it was a long day but worth it, and absolutely nothing to be concerned about, so after being given my meds for the rest of my cycle, I got on my way feeling fine, a bit tired but that was down to the long unfamiliar day, today I am feeling just fine, had my first meds of the day, and ready to get on with life I hope this helps others starting their " journey with cancer" Cheers Ray

  • From Anonymous
    16 June 2017 at 21:36

    Hi Tom Thanks for the tips and links, but Sheilla beat you to it on the benifits front as you said you will leave with a lot more than you think and she amazed me , it was my first visit to a Maggies, and i was amazed at the way i was treated it was like i was a family member, and you know what i think that is a good way to describe Maggies you join the family, you would prefer not to be part of that family the big C and all that, but when all the Poo hits the fan you realise that the Maggies family is there for you and your family, to help and support you all, im still on the emotional roller coaster going for another scan on monday to see if i also have breast cancer, Gotta get a stall selling " lucky white heather" but also got to remain positive, I WILL BE A CANCER SURVIVOR, and i will be a Maggies supporter for life and that will be a long life, its been one of those days feeling really down but i know i need to be positive, its hard but i must keep fighting The "journey with cancer continuies" Cheers Ray

  • Picture of Tombenefits
    From Tombenefits  
    16 June 2017 at 14:49

    Hi Ray,

    I'm Tom, the Onlince Centre Benefits Advisor.

    It can feel very devastating and isolating when youwander in with a chesty cough and they start using the C word in front of you. 

    People often tell me that it can feel a bit like you are suddenly in a different world that isn't supposed to happen to you,  but happens to other heroic/bandana'd/pale and interesting *  - * insert clichee of choice :-)

    It is good to talk and share with others who have had that same experience of shock after such a diagnosis wherever paths wend from there whether here or around the Kitchen Table in Dundee 

    There are places here to just say how you feel and get a reply or to run a blog of your cancer journey,  that helps both you and others

    Our ((hugs)) and amazing range of digital digestives may be more virtual here, but both sorts communication that is personal and face to face in Dundee  - details here - or virtual, semi anonymous and anytime like posts you can make here -can all help. 

    Often a simple practical enquiry around fares to Ninewells, may be what leads you across our threshold. It can seem an easy question to ask as you step gingerly in. But then you are gently led into more answers than you had questions for and the warm support from all at Maggie's be they staff or Visitors.

    Sounds like you chatted to my colleague Sheila, the Benefits Advisor, there. Be warned if you talk to any of us lot you may be unlikely to escape with just help with travel costs  to hospital... :-)

    There may be a range of other benefits that can apply, some related just to your health - and often unnaffected by other income and savings - and others that can help more generally when income is low or temporarily reduced. A good "see the woods for the trees" overview is contained in the two Maggie's Find Out More Abouts... that you can download from the page you get to by clicking here.

    I'm sure Sheila will take you through them and it makes sesnse for you to stick mainly with the one of us - but if you have a benefits, money worry at 3.00 am feel free to fire off a message. Just don't expect an answer at that hour :-)

    I am sure other members seeing this will chip in from their own experiences and I would really encourage them to do so, as they will have far more useful things to add than me :-)

    Best wishes,

    Tom :-)

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