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Topic Supporting someone with cancer

For anyone caring for someone with cancer

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Husband with cancer

Started by Anonymous on 22 February 2018 at 22:38

Hello Everyone, I'm new here and it's my first experience of an online community. My husband had an operation for bowel cancer with a colostomy several years ago. He subsequently had two more operations for spread to his lungs. Currently the dreaded wait for the latest scan. We've somehow muddled through very dark times. Although doing fairly well physically, my husband is beaten down, worn out by it all and is reluctant to venture out. I would like to encourage him to enjoy life a bit more. We have no family or support network and are both retired.

It's hard for us both, but I find creative activities help including playing my flute in music groups and international folk dance. I love reading too.


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  • Picture of Robyn
    From Robyn  
    23 February 2018 at 10:31
    Edited on: 23 February 2018 at 11:37

    Hello and welcome to Maggie's,  I can imagine the last few years have been one long rollercoaster of emotions .

    It  can be both physically and emotionally draining to be alongside someone you love through cancer treatment and it is good to hear that you find ways of relaxing .As a fellow flautist I can understand the help that playing music brings. 

    You mention that your husband is reluctant to venture out ? many people find whilst  having treatment, especially when it is over a prolonged period, that  friends can 'move on' leaving you feeling isolated from social networks and having retired you are both perhaps finding there is less routine/ structure day to day.

    I dont know where you are based both of you would be welcome to drop into  any of our Centres where  as well as individual support ,there are a number of informal and  also more structured groups which may help your husband to  connect more with  the outside world.

    You are of course aslo both welcome online too and you can message Sue or me anytime if you would like to talk things over in more detail privately

    Best wishes



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