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Topic 'Today I am feeling' - managing emotions

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Feeling so scared

Started by Anonymous on 06 February 2018 at 12:09

Hi not quite sure how to start this but here goes. I had a bleed after being 10 years post menopause and a fortnight later exactly have hospital tests, so i know I couldn't have acted any quicker.  However, everything points to cancer from symptoms and what i have read, and I feel now like my whole body is at odds - stomach upsets, lack of appetite,lack of concentration, feeling of looming death etcetc. Sorry this is maudling but thinking just needed to say how I am feeling at the moment and whether this is normal?

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    From Robyn  
    06 February 2018 at 14:08
    Edited on: 06 February 2018 at 14:23

    Hello and welcome to Maggie’s Online , it is always wise to get any post menopausal bleeding checked out - there are several causes (including wearing of the lining of the womb, infection, polyps ) a small proportion of women  with post menopausal bleeding have cancer but the earlier it is found the better.

    You ask if it is normal to fee all at odds physically and emotionally - the short answer is yes ….. Waiting for tests and results means you are in limbo with lots of uncertainty and that’s rarely easy to manage. It can help to try and keep busy and to break the day up into small manageable tasks. Try also to pamper yourself a bit - if there is flexibility round work/family responsibilities then try and ease your workload and find some time to do some things for you each day.

    You are welcome to message Sue (susieq) or me if you would like to talk things over privately
    Best wishes

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