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Topic Creative writing / art

A space to get creative with poems, prose or perhaps upload some artwork

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Inspirational poetry

Started by Robyn   on 29 January 2014 at 15:12

Author Daisy Goodwin is compiling a list of poems for Maggie’s called “100 poems to see you through.” With chapter headings like ‘For when you have received bad news.’  Or ‘for 3 am in the morning’ etc

These are all famous or well known poems that have helped people with cancer or their friends or family makes sense of their cancer diagnosis, give them a sense they are not alone, cheer them up or even make them laugh. For example Alex who visits Maggie’s London always thinks of Charge of the Light Brigade when going through radiotherapy  as it helps him feel strong etc 

Daisy would LOVE some other suggestions of well known poems that have helped you but needs them asap as the compliation has to go to the publishers in the next week..

If you have poems that have helped you could you share them below and I will forward them on to Daisy

Many thanks


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