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Healthy eating and cancer

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Started by CarolineH   on 11 April 2017 at 12:11

I was reading an article by James Wong the Botanist who has appeared many times on the TV. The article was about chocolate which I thought was very topical. We have known for a long time that the darker the chocolate the better it seems for us because it is rich oin polyphenols, but he highlighted an intewrsting point that I did not realise. It is all about Dutched chocolate! I wonder have any of you heard of 'Dutched' chocolate? Apparently it is to be avoided. Ditched chocolate is preserved with Potassium carbonate which is a food additive added to cocoa powders to balance out their acidity. This chemical process can slash the health promoting polyphenols in dark chocolate by as much as 80%. This is done to even the most fanciest of chocolates including organic brands. So when buying chocolate avoid the brands with the Potassium carbonate in it or in other words chocolate that has been Dutched, that is if you want to get the health benefits as well as the pleasure from your chocolate.


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