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Gynae cancers

Share experiences and ask questions about gynae cancers

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Gynae cancer

Started by Robyn   on 16 February 2017 at 12:06

This thread offers a space for women  with  a gynaecological cancer (often shortened to gynae)  to share their experiences of diagnosis treatment, to ask questions and to explore challenges they  face practically and emotionally following diagnosis or treatment.  Gynaecological cancers include cancers of the ovary, womb (also called uterus or endometrium), vagina vulva, cervix and fallopian tube. 



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  • From Anonymous
    03 October 2017 at 17:23
    Edited on: 03 October 2017 at 17:24

    Hello Sue,

    Many thanks for your reply and the welcome. I do have a good support network of local ladies with ovarian cancer (one is an ex GP) & am a member of a facebook page for OC also. The reason I have joined Maggie's Online is that there are qualified cancer nurses to talk to & also, hopefully, I will have useful things to contribute.

    I haven't had a consistent CNS, but the one I have now is more helpful than the Oncologist (who doesn't even use my name). I think I'm going to speak with her about switching back to the Oncologist I was originally seen by when diagnosed (who is head of department), but don't know if this will be possible.

    Thank you for your encouraging words about staying mentally healthy, I do have some strategies & find ACT very helpful, in particular books by Russ Harris. I've just ordered one called 'The Reality Slap which addresses how to cope with loss, traumatic life events, etc. I think this book may also help my partner who had, until my clinic appointment last week, been unwilling at all to face the reality of our situation.

    Thanks again Sue x



  • Picture of SusieQ
    From SusieQ  
    03 October 2017 at 13:35
    Edited on: 03 October 2017 at 13:36


    Thank you for being the first to post on the gynae cancer thread - and welcome to Maggie's Online Centre.

    I realise that you'd much rather be hearing from other ladies with cancer - and I'm hopeful you'll receive words of support and encouragement from our other online visitors.

    In the meantime, it sounds a disappointment and shock to have been diagnosed with recurrence...and many people tell us how much harder it is to deal with, than the first time around. Having been struck by depression before, and had counselling - those skills and coping strategies are still tucked in there ready to use. You'll be more able to recognise if the depressive symptoms start to return, and find support and help more quickly.

    I can understand the frustration you feel when you're not possibly getting the whole picture, or full enough answers from your oncologist. I wonder if you've felt able to say this to him/her, or via your specialist nurse? It helps people feel in control, if questions are answered honestly, fully and openly.

    Message us here anytime - we dont always have all the answers, but can listen to the issues, and offer support and a friendly 'listening ear'...

    Warm wishes


  • From Anonymous
    03 October 2017 at 12:41

    Hello, I've just joined Maggie's Online - I'm 59, from South Cheshire & have ovarian cancer. I'm a little surprised to see there are no posts on the Gynae cancer thread yet, so I'll just give a quick recap of my history & where I'm up to:

    Being treated at the Royal Stoke, diagnosed Oct 2013, stage 3A (2 large ovarian tumors, spread to omentum & peritoneum). Surgery, 6 x 3-weekely chemo (Taxol/Carbo) (Icon 8 Trial), 1st line finished end March 2014. Went 3 & a half yrs NED :) (good going!). Recurrence (small deposits on omentum) diagnosed June 2017. On hormone therapy but 2nd line chemo on the horizon fairly soon... bummer! Currently being screened for BRCA 1/2.

    For some reason I'm finding dealing with this recurrence harder than original diagnosis. I sufferend with debilitating depression after 1st line treatment ended & I don't want to go there again if I have anything to do with it! My hospital referred me for counselling which was a life saver... literally! I'm the sort of person who wants to know everything and have all the facts and information, well, what I can understand anyway! I ask lots of questions when I see my Oncologist but feel like the info I'm given there is far from adequate.

    Well I'll leave it at that for now. Love to any ladies who are going through it x

  • Picture of Robyn
    From Robyn  
    16 February 2017 at 12:14

     If you are looking for information about gynae cancers and their treamtnet or perhaps  struggling post treatment  and would like to talk things over quietly,you are welcome to messgae Sue (susieq) or me you may also  find the Gynae cancer section of our ingformation website Maggie's CancerLinks  helpful

     Best wishes


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Gynae cancers

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