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Topic Benefits advice

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PIP advice

Started by Anonymous on 09 February 2018 at 13:57



I am trying to fill out a PIP claim form and its a mind field, I have to MacMillan or Citizens advise anywhere near me.

Is there anyone that can help or advise


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  • Picture of Robyn
    From Robyn  
    09 February 2018 at 17:59

    Hello I am sure others will  echo your frustration at trying to complete the PIP form - help is at hand via our benefits advisors.  You are welcome to vist any of our Centres and we also have Tom ( tombenefits)  our Benfits advisor here at Maggie's Online  who will I am sure be in touch when he is next online. In the meantime  i am sure you will find his blogs on PIP useful

     Best wishes


  • Picture of Tombenefits
    From Tombenefits  
    12 February 2018 at 13:21


    I'm Tom the benefits advsor with a quick reply while passing through.

    I hope the blogs that Robyn has referred to give some initial sense of what PIP is about, which might suggest some ways to approach those large empty boxes.

    While cancer is a big and definite diagnosis to get heads around, the usual assessment for PIP is based more on the day to day effects on you.

    And it can be really hard to describe the variable and vague - but very real - day to day  impacts of things like chronic fatigue and low mood. Much less easy than some direct effects after life changing surgery. 

    They may not totally stop you doing some of those PIP activities but they can certainly get in the way of doing them normally and reliably.

    You may have to take time, pick your best moments be pushed a bit, keep it to the basics . People often heroically get there in the end  - well done :-) - so can oftenbe tempted to think "well I sort of manage that " and turn to the next page. 

    But when you think about doing things safely, repeatedly, to the usual standard and in a reasonable time...well that can be hard when everything feels like swimming through treacle :-) 

    But those difficulties all count for PIP, and getting them over in that PIP 2 form is the key.

    We can certainly follow this up by swapping messages or setting up a Booked Benefits Session to run through your difficulties and how they might tick those PIP boxes.

    What we can't do is sit down and  fill in the form together as a more local adviser might. I can also see if I can suggest anyone near you

    I will message you so we can look at the issues you face in more detail and to see how best I can help 

    Best wishes,


Displaying 2 comments

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