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Topic After cancer treatment

Finished treatment? Trying to find a new normal or perhaps feeling a bit lost and anxious - share experiences and practical tips with other members and the online team.

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Good at pretending.

Started by Anonymous on 03 April 2018 at 15:44

Hi all, I've just joined so forgive me if I go on a bit. I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer last March after having so many scans on various parts of my body I was operated on on April 11th. Whilst they had me open they found it had spread to the lymph nodes so they removed what they could and 6 weeks later I started a 3 Month course of Chemo  to clear /Stop it spreading, then 8 weeks after that I had a 20 days course of Radiotherapy. Through it all  managed really well no sickness just a bit of fatigue. I went back to work after the Chemo and I've been fine ??. I had my 1st scan and it was CLEAR  so I should be ok now ....Right ???? Well that's the thing I get up everyday I dress,put make-up on, do my hair and smile. I am supporting a friend and her mum who is now going through the same thing. I'm doing everything  I was doing before but I feel like a part of me has gone. I now feel anxious, scared, I over think everything and I'm starting to turn into a hypochondriac on the surface im coping and all is well but really I feel like I'm sinking. Sorry if this is a bit depressing but just wanted to know if anyone else felt like this ??

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    From SusieQ  
    04 April 2018 at 10:55
    Edited on: 04 April 2018 at 11:36


    First of all, I do hope other online members will share their experiences with you - as what you're feeling is normal, although it may not feel it.

    You have been through a life changing, and for a time, life threatening experience. It's as big as it gets. Those around you may have thought that the 'all clear' was a sign to leap up and down with joy. What they don't perhaps realise, is that you are living with the fear of it coming back. You've also been through a gruelling amount of treatments which will have taken their toll.

    It takes time for the 'high alert' button to calm down - you'll understandably be wondering if any new aches or pains are cancer related, even when it's most likely not the case. You've changed - and what you've been through has taken away certainty. kind to yourself. It sounds like it's about the anniversary of your original diagnosis, and your emotions and anxiety levels may be enhanced at this time. You're also supporting a freind, and that can bring back feelings you had about your own diagnosis and treatment. Many people have told us that the book 'The Cancer Survivor's Companion: practical ways to cope with your feelings afer cancer' helps clarify things.

    If you live near one of our Maggie's Centres, you'd be welcome to come in and ask about our 'Where Now?' course, which is exactly for this post treatment period. You may also benefit from a one to one discussion and support from one of their cancer support specialist team.

    I'll drop you a line to introduce myself, and you're welcome to message Robyn or myself to talk more about how you feel. Feelings which are natural...and you're certainly not alone in experiencing them.

    Warm wishes



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