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Topic Creative writing / art

A space to get creative with poems, prose or perhaps upload some artwork

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Battling Cobwebs

Started by Anonymous on 09 October 2013 at 17:28

Battling Cobwebs


Each morning while out in my garden,

the cobwebs are draped all around.

They stretch across fences and bushes,

all the way down to the ground.


Their invisible threads do annoy me,

as they brush up against my face!

I end up covered all over my head

and they cling to me just like lace.


It really is quite a battle,

avoiding those traps spiders lay,

I won't be one of their victims.

I have to plan every day.


So every morning with broom aloft,

Sweeping the webs right and left,

spiders fly all ways then scurry off,

Looking quite cross and bereft.


But as I look out of my window

I know they'll be back again,

And all I can do until morning,


Is hope that we have heavy rain!!

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