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Needle Phobia

Started by Anonymous on 02 February 2018 at 17:45

Hi does anyone else have needle phobia..any good tips how to deal with it. I shocked my long term follow dr for ALL. That I had managed to avoid blood tests for 15 years..only noticed when I saw a different dr who looked back expecting to see my previous results.  Recently it has come to a head as had several mri scans with contrast and the 1st of a lifetime of brain tumoursleep removed...utterly disgraced myself I am a 45 year old woman going to pieces ...what can't be seen on the outside is the reason why, the flashbacks. More to look forward to August 2019 is my next long term follow up leukaemia clinic and 2 months gamma ray with unavoidable local anaesetic injections...had a life time of this feeling enough might be enough.

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  • From Anonymous
    05 February 2018 at 20:09

    Hi Sue

    Thank you for your reply, I havent spoken to my gp as yet ..bit embassing but they are aware at uclh where i have my long term follow up appointments as well as the brain tumour treatment..not really any hiding it.

    I have looked at the websites you suggested. I live in worthing  a long way from london and the nearest maggies site ,but i did go to my closest mcmillian centre in brighton today and had a session of needle phobia hypnotherapy, am due to go back next week.

    With thanks Chloe 

  • Picture of SusieQ
    From SusieQ  
    05 February 2018 at 12:41
    Edited on: 05 February 2018 at 13:43


    How distressing for you - living with a phobia that may initially have resulted from your childhood treatment for cancer.

    Needle phobia is much more common than many people think. Anxiety UK, in their website article '  Injection phobia', suggest that up to 10% of the population can be affected by it to a greater or lesser degree.

    With all your procedures coming up, then it makes good sense to start addressing the issue. Your GP may be aware that you are struggling with needle phobia - it would be a good idea to discuss it with him/her to see if you can referred for psychological support to ease the situation.

    NHS Choices has a handy page on phobias -self help, that you may find helpful. (Their webpages on phobias are comphrehensive too).

    Sometimes, the phobia is more about the fear of becoming emotional/going to pieces in public, rather than the fear of the injection itself. It's a complex topic.

    If you live near one of our Maggie's Centres you could drop in and ask what they suggest (perhaps relaxation/breathing exercises etc) - although as you've had the fear a long time, you are probably going to need a bit more help?

    We have some breathing/relaxation exercises, on Maggie's Cancerlinks, which you might like to try?

    Hopefully, our online visitors may have ideas on how to get through the phobia, as you've got treatment for your brain tumour to come. I'd welcome their input.

    I hope you can find some solutions ready for your next appointments,

    Warm wishes



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