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As well as sharing experiences with our friendly online community, registered members are able to contact our experienced online team. The Centre is staffed during office hours and the online team aim to reply within 24 hours.

Psychologists and experts from other Maggie's Centres and partner organisations also facilitate some group and individual sessions.

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Topic Could it be cancer?

A space for those worried they may have cancer

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Recurrent pain

Started by Anonymous on 06 January 2017 at 23:33

Hi, I have a worry about an ongoing pain I have in my right breast. I've had this fairly consistently for a few months but it comes and goes, if that makes sense. At times it travels to my underarm and round to my shoulder blade but it's becoming a real issue. I've made an appointment to see the gp. I'm 39 and have three kids. I'm so worried that it could cancer. On the same breast, I feel like I see an orange peel type surface on the underside below the nipple - could this just be due to breastfeeding? I spoke with the go before about some of these symptoms but was breastfeeding at the time but I've stopped for over a year and the symptoms continue. Thanks

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    Topic Could it be cancer?

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