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Topic After cancer treatment

Finished treatment? Trying to find a new normal or perhaps feeling a bit lost and anxious - share experiences and practical tips with other members and the online team.

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Me after Treatment

Started by Anonymous on 19 October 2016 at 19:41

Hello to you all, I have just joined Maggies online 2 days ago.

There do not seem to be many regular posts online, perhaps I just havent found them.

I was diagnosed in November last year with AML a cancer of the blood. I was admitted to hospital straight away and spent the next 6 months in and out of hospital.

My last visit turned out to be the worst one. A very long story but I will try to condense it.

Suffering from an infection in my Hickman line on on the ward, I suffered a cardiac arrest. I had pnuemonia, sepsis a lung haem. orhage.

I didnt know until recently that my survival was no more than25%.

All this and more I have coped with. The trouble is that since the late summer I became very tearful over silly things. Now I have fallen into an anxious mess. All I can think about is that I may die, even though the cancer is in remission and blood counts are good. I know that I am the same as anyone else....I just have to wait and see if the cancer comes back. But my mind wont let me enjoy this better time.

I lost my husband to cancer 3 years ago. Ive seen what it can do.

How can I get back to a normal me?

I go out to be with people and have a lovely family, however I feel quite lost at the moment.

Anyone else felt like this?

I am lucky that there is a Maggies Centre attatched to the hospital that I attend, but it is more than an hours drive for me. I shall call in at my next check up  in 3 weeks.

It looks a good place to be. So wish it were nearer.

It would be lovely to hear from anyone online.


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  • From Anonymous
    24 October 2016 at 17:58

    Thank you Sue. I am so sorry to have missed todays Kitchen Table Live.

    I had an appointment at the Physio. One of several problems I seem to have aquired spending so much time in hospital.

    Hopefully next week.

  • Picture of SusieQ
    From SusieQ  
    24 October 2016 at 14:11
    Edited on: 24 October 2016 at 14:24


    I hope you dont mind my getting in touch...I'm Sue, one of the online cancer support specialists, so not exactly a fellow person affected by cancer. I'm hoping that our online members will message you - but I didn't want you to feel isolated by the quietness of responses.

    I think everyone on here will empathise with what you've been through - such a frightening time, and you've been left feeling very fearful for the future.

    Following a major hospital episode like the one you've experienced, where your life was on the line for a time, it's understandable that you've been left feeling on edge. It's the time, post treatment, when you'd wanting to be more relaxed, and enjoying the recovery period.

    However, you've been hit psychologically, physically and emotionally - and it can take time, and support, to help believe in a new future - after the seriousness of what you've been through.

    I do hope you hear from others on here - it's an active centre, but may not seem it sometimes - so much work goes on behind the scenes in one to one sessions, groups, courses and workshops. A good place to drop in and simply chat informally is our 'Kitchen Table Live' sessions on a Monday morning - 11.00 - 12 noon...

    In the meantime, from all of us on here,we're thinking of you...

    Warm wishes



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