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Read weekly blogs from benefits advisor Tom. Post questions, share experiences around financial support in the conversations, message Tom privately or book an online ‘live chat’ session.

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Family Support and Cancer

Started by Tombenefits   on 26 September 2017 at 17:51


Reading Sue's excellent blog on Family Support and Cancer - available here  - set me musing on just one small aspect of the support we offer  online and in the other Centres.

One of the practical impacts when cancer comes crashing so rudely into a families' lives, can be financial. That might be straightaway or further along the rollercoaster ride. Income may go down or extra costs make themselves felt; and sometimes both. 

There may well assistance and entitlements that can help, but it can feel like a bit of a maze when you try to find them :-)

Some will be related to low income, but others may be payable regardless. So you can only say "I won't qualify for anything" if you have a signed note from me - or one one of my fellow Benefits Advisors in the other Centres :-)

But working in a holistic team means that advisors are not just weird keepers of the dark arts and secrets of the benefits maze :-) We can work together with our colleagues to make that support as seamless as we can and tailor made for people affected by cancer. 

So all the Benefits Advisors will all have lots of experience of the realities and issues when cancer comes into people's lives - thanks everyone for teaching me so much :-) And inevitably - and statiscally - some of us will have been touched by cancer in our own families or directly. 

So forms and processes can be put aside when you just need a listening ear or a (((hug))) - actual or virtual. Sometimes the questions the formas ask can open up a can of emotional and social worms too, and so we can listen and explore how other support could help.

Similarly, the rest of the team may step a little way into our weird world, so that they can understand a concern or spot some thngs that you may be missing out on and encourage you our way.

Together, then we can do more, being aware of the other support and building up a bit of a first aid kit in the other areas. 

That way I can aspire to be able to say: it's benefits support, but not just any benefits support :-) . 

If you have any queries or concerns around benefits issues and other entitlements and financial support, please feel free to message me at anytime.

But if we haven't yet chatted or messaged and it feels easier to raise it - or it just comes up - in conversations you may be having already with Robyn or Sue, then please do feel free to mention it to them.  

Best wishes,

Tom :-)

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