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Started by Anonymous on 07 December 2016 at 09:04

I had a total hysterectomy for Endometrial Cancer two weeks ago. I have been told the cancer was Grade 2 contained in the womb, with no spread to ovaries, tubes etc.

I have been told I need three sessions of Brachytherapy  (vaginal radiotherapy). 

I can find very little feedback from anyone who has actually had it. I'm worried about side effects. My bladder and bowels have not been great since my op, and the thought of permanent pain and fear of worse complications are getting bigger as I get nearer the day!

I had breast cancer in 1992 and my breast was burnt raw during radiotherapy, and the thought my inside could be burnt like that is all I can imagine.

I really would like to find out more about this. When I was told I would need this treatment it was made to sound like 'a quick easy fix' but I'm not so sure!


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  • From Anonymous
    07 December 2016 at 12:26

    Thank you Robyn. 

    Knowing my luck I will get long term side effects! 

  • Picture of Robyn
    From Robyn  
    07 December 2016 at 12:05


    Following your recent surgery and also your previous experience of radiotherapy its understandable that you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the brachytherapy.
    I am aware you are also keen to hear from those who have experienced the treatment themselves so i hope other members will contact you either here in the forum or by sending you a message. In the meantime I hope I can help with some more information.

    Firstly , radiotherapy treatment has come a long way – it sounds as if you had a very unpleasant experience in 1992 with burns – nowadays machines, how they deliver the radiation and knowledge of skincare are vastly improved.

    It sounds as if you haven’t had much information about brachytherapy (when radiotherapy is given internally). Sadly in appointments Drs often forget when saying you will need an additional treatment it that although it is normal to them it isnt to you…...

    Brachytherapy wont start until you have completely healed following surgery and you may not yet have had an appointment with the oncology Dr who specialises in radiotherapy – they will go through the whole procedure in detail and explain possible side effects etc. You should also have access to a specialist nurse and/ or radiographer.

    In the meantime there is some comprehensive information about what is involved on the internal radiotherapy section CRUK website. 

    I’ll also send you a personal message so we can talk over some details privately
    Best wishes

Displaying 2 comments

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