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Of New Years and April Changes (2)

Started by Tombenefits   on 28 February 2017 at 22:58
Edited on 28 February 2017 at 23:11


In a delayed second part of my mini series on New Years, and Mood and Benefits changes, I move on to look at the April changes ahead.


In Part 1... the blog available here, I looked at the:

  - different benefits new years,

  - the impact of the new Benefits Year on one of our key benefits,  Contributory ESA-

   - a welcome improvement in rhetoric and language around benefit issues including a promise to announce no new benefit cuts

   - and some small but welcome improvements that add a little substance


And now in Part 2...

 - available here - I look at some of the cuts and changes that had long ago been announced, but are only due to be implemented this April:

  - the rolling cut around April uprating

  - cuts to ESA / UC limited capability

  - the Two Child policy

  - changes for earnings under Universal Credit

  - and a new system of Bereavement Support

No new announcements has not turned out to be as quiet a time for this blogger as you might have thought :-).


And so...

Please, do feel free to post any general comments or queries about the April changes, below and join this Conversation.

But if you have any concerns around these changes or any other benefit issues please just message me for a private and more specific chat.

And please do not go thinking that these real changes mean that the system of support is disappearing. It is still mostly there and we may yet find some extra support for you :-)

The biggest cut of all remains the amounts each year that simply go unclaimed each year, so please never assume you can't get help; well not without a signed note from me first :-)

Best wishes,


Online Centre Benefits Advisor

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