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Topic Parents with cancer

Conversations for anyone whose child (young or adult) has been affected by cancer

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Father diagnosed today

Started by Anonymous on 29 March 2018 at 18:33

My father has been diagnosed today with liver and prostate cancer. I'm 23 and this has totally crushed me of course initially I'm thinking the worst. I just can't cope I feel lost and numb. I'm a nurse and seeing patients in the same position is crushing me more.

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  • Picture of Robyn
    From Robyn  
    03 April 2018 at 09:49

    Hello I can imagine it has been a difficult weekend following your father’s diagnosis. The numbness of the shock may have continued or perhaps be replaced with a feeling of being overwhelmed with a whole mix of emotions.

    Being a nurse can be a double edged sword – other family members can have high expectations from you for information and advice which can all add to the stress. It can also feel very different to see close relatives unwell.

    I don’t know what area you work in however it sounds as if you are struggling and you are unlikely to be able to give your best care at the moment so if you haven’t already talk to your line manger and your GP about having some time off .

    As your father’s diagnosis is so recent and coinciding with the bank holidays I imagine he is still having tests – There is a lot of uncertainty just now , once a treatment plan is clearer many people find it easier to manage practically and emotionally.

    You write that he has been diagnosed with both liver and prostate cancer  - it is likely that one (probably prostate)  is the primary cancer  and the liver is secondary cancer (where the cancer has spread to)  It can be confusing as if it is a secondary then the cancer in the liver is still considered prostate cancer  so, if you are looking for infomation about treatment you should look under prostate not liver cancer.

    You and your dad/other family members would be welcome to visit any of our Centres. You don’t need an appointment you can just drop in Mon-Fri 9-5. You are also welcome here at Maggie’s Online . I’ll send you a private message so we can talk in more detail.
    Best wishes

Displaying 1 comments

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