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Topic After cancer treatment

Finished treatment? Trying to find a new normal or perhaps feeling a bit lost and anxious - share experiences and practical tips with other members and the online team.

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Feeling Low

Started by Anonymous on 21 October 2016 at 16:31

Hi I am new on here and just been reading some converstions about feelings post cancer treatment. I am so glad I'm not alone with how low I am feeling at the moment. Its been 5 months since surgery to remove my oesophagus and although I'm doing well physically, I am struggling mentally and this seems to have conincided with me going back to work. I hate being there and feel miserable all the time. I feel like I want to make big changes but not yet brave enough to do it.

I have also just started the menopause which seems to have started post surgery.A coincidence I'm assuming. This is not helping with my emotions either.

Does anyone else have similar stories? It helps to know you're not alone.

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  • From Anonymous
    24 October 2016 at 16:43

    Thank you for your kind words. I think I need more time to get over the emotional impact as well as the physical. I am looking into counselling and hopefully can start to make some sense of it all

    Karen xx

  • From Anonymous
    21 October 2016 at 18:23

    Hi Karen, just wanted to reassure you that you are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE! I struggled once my 'active' treatment was over (breast cancer)! You've been through a lot, I don't know what treatment, if any, you had. But if it's anything like breast cancer treatment, it's like being on a treadmill. Doing what your told, because obviously the doctors know best. But never really having time to think about what you are going through! So once all the major stuff is dealt with 'physically' you are left to deal with the emotional side....which is REALLY tough! Add to that the menopause, no wonder you are struggling. Hormones have a lot to answer for! I speak from experience, I'm being forced into menopause at 41years old, and my body HATES it! Do you have friends and family who you can talk to about how you are feeling? If not have you looked in to Counselling. I have a lot of friends who I met through treatment, who swear by talking to a counsellor, but it's not for everyone. It's very early days for you, so don't be too hard on yourself, you've been through a life changing experience. Things will settle eventually, but you need to give yourself some time to deal with things. If you really aren't enjoying work, maybe it's time for a change. But perhaps you should give yourself a bit of time to deal with all your emotions first. Anyway I just wanted to say you weren't alone ;-) Hope you have a nice weekend xx

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