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Topic 'Today I am feeling' - managing emotions

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Started by Anonymous on 20 November 2017 at 23:42

My mum was recently (Tuesday last week) diagnosed with TPLL, mum had been ill for some time and had a diagnosis about 4/5 years ago of leukaemia so you can imagine the shock of now being told she has this rare cancer. I’m struggling to deal with everything at the moment trying to stay strong for mum and dad whilst on the inside I am breaking down! I just don’t know how I feel one minute I’m angry next I’m crying then I’m ok?! Suppose this is normal. What I’m struggling most with is not really knowing or finding much info on TPLL and how quickly things are progressing (they want mum to start treatment as soon as possible). Does anyone have any experiences with TPLL and how did you cope etc? Thanks x

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    From SusieQ  
    21 November 2017 at 10:39


    It can feel a whirlwind - when someone gets a diagnosis that needs to start cancer treatment as soon as possible. This is something that does happen with some blood cancers, and can leave everyone, family included - feeling shell shocked.

    T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia (T-PLL) is a rarer type of leukaemia, and as you rightly noted, there's not a great deal of information out there. A little information is included on Leukaemia Care's website pages 'Prolymphocytic leukaemia' - and it might be worth giving their helpline a ring to talk through the questions you may have? (Their helpline number is 08088 010 444 - open 24 hours a day).

    In the meantime, this will be having a huge effect on you emotionally, and the feelings you describe are totally natural. It doesnt always make it easier to bear though. Whilst you support your mum and dad, you also need to look after yourself too.

    If you live near one of our Maggie's Centres, you'd be welcome to drop in and talk to our cancer support specialists there? Finding out that what you're experiencing is normal - and being among people who understand the depth of what you're feeling can help. Also you can find out practical information to help you and your family cope with everything that is being thrown at you just now.

    I'll get in touch to say 'hello' - and be assured, you can message Robyn or myself anytime to talk anything through...

    Warm wishes


    Cancer Support Specialist - Maggie's Online Centre


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