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Work and Cancer

Started by Tombenefits   on 29 March 2018 at 13:16
Edited on 29 March 2018 at 13:25

Hello all,

Yesterday, The Independent newspaper reported on research by Macmillan that shows a 10% increase in the incidence of cancer amongst 16 to 64 year olds in recent years. 

And with that increase amongst those of "working age",  comes more individual concerns about how this new wee timorous beastie that has come crahing into their lives,  will impact on work and careers. 

Will jobs be held open or businesses be capable of ticking over until I am back to normal? What support will I get from my employer? And for employers, what support can I give and what are my legal obligations?

Macmillan are campaigning to make employers more aware of both their responsibilities and to raise awareness of the challenges living with cancer presents. 

Sometimes it can just be lack of awareness of the often more hidden limitations - that "late effects" from cancer and its treatments can lead to - that gets in the way of employers offering  more pro-active support and understanding.

Meanwhile, those affected by cancer, keen to just "get back to normal", can find it hard to accept that this may be more of a "new normal" or to ask for help if they find themselves struggling. 

Is it just me? Do I just need to get used to it and try harder? Will my employer understand? What would make things easier anyway? It's hard to pin down when I get the more vague - but still very real - limitations of chronic fatigue and the emotional impacts of it all... 

You can read all about it :-) in that article in yesterday's Independent that's available by clicking here.

You can also find some really useful resources and links to information around Cancer and Work - for both the employed and the self employed - on the Maggie's Cancerlinks page here.

Please do share your general queries, concerns and experiences around Cancer and Work by joining this Conversation and posting below. 

Has your employer been a real star? Or have they found it a little more difficult to be helpful? What could they have done better? Do you have any useful tips or links to share?

I also hope to post a Benefits Blog soon looking at the issues in a little more detail. A magic link will appear here when it's up :-)

For individual private chats about your situation, please, as ever feel free to message me. 

Best wishes,


Online Centre Benefits Advisor 

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