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Topic 'Today I am feeling' - managing emotions

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Started by lorraine on 24 May 2011 at 21:00

I was speaking with a friend today, we were remembering the things we loved to do when we were young/children.

As a young girl i liked playing sport





chinese ladders.

my favourite memory of a very young age was on a saturday morning the rag and bone man came on his horse and cart, and if your mum had any old clothes well woolens i think, you got a gold fish anyway i really wanted one and took my mums best jumper out to him boy take what i got when she found out what i had done .

then what about favourite sweets? mine was

pink and white coconut ice

bon bons

toffee doddles

bubble gum ( i blew an amazing bubble once and think there is still some up my nose ha ha)

then having to wear the itchy cardigans, and wellies that marked your legs.

mind we may all have different problems but i would,nt change those days for anything.. would you guys feel the same?



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  • Picture of lorraine
    19 August 2011 at 12:35


    do you remember MILK MAID BARS ????? i dont but jim does.

    lorraine xx

  • From Anonymous
    07 July 2011 at 15:58
    Edited on: 07 July 2011 at 16:09

    Weren't my words I pinched them from a very proper chap.LOL though his sentiment made me think back!

    Thank god films became a little more interesting for a while!!

    I like the no profaninity coment, very proper. but things were different, not sure about better though.

    Like your pink phase!1 Sounds like my place now, I'm seriousely outnumbered. Thank god the modern home has more than one tele and the girls Ipods have earphones, though I was well happy with my walkman as a teen!! Yellow not pink.


  • Picture of lorraine
    07 July 2011 at 15:42

    yes nick.

    some of the things you said made me think again.

    our first TV was pink as we were all women for a long time ( before my mum remarried) pink was cool,

    i did two paper jobs one in the evening and two on a saturday a white paper and a pink news.

    now and again on a saturday we were treated to a back of chips think they cost 6p a bag what a treat that was .

    and we all ate together on sundays because during the week it was hard to get us altogether.

    the only telephone we had were toy ones i remember they were blue ( not pink) and my sister and i played offices for hours on end.

    my bike weighed a ton aswell, we lived in a block of flats with 10 floors in it and when they lift was broken i thought nothing of carrying up hundreds of stairs.

    yes the good old days????


  • From Anonymous
    06 July 2011 at 18:25
    Edited on: 07 July 2011 at 16:00

    Them were the days! LOL, found this;

    "Someone asked the other day, 'What was your favourite fast food when you were growing up?'

    'We didn't have fast food when I was growing up,' I informed him. 'All the food was slow.'

    'C'mon, seriously. Where did you eat?'

    'It was a place called "at home,"' I explained. 'Mum cooked every day and when Dad got home from work, we sat down together at the dining room table, and if I didn't like what she put on my plate I was allowed to sit there until I did like it.'

    By this time, the other person was laughing so hard I was afraid he was going to suffer serious internal damage, so I didn't tell him the part about how I had to have permission to leave the table.  But here are some other things I would have told him about my childhood if I figured his system could have handled it:

    Some parents NEVER owned their own house, never wore Levis, never set foot on a golf course, or had a credit card.

    Pizzas were not delivered to our home... But milk was.

    All newspapers were delivered by boys and all boys delivered newspapers. Funny English Joke - Window

    We didn't have a television in our house until I was 19. It was, of course, black and white, and the station went off the air at midnight, after playing the national anthem.

    My parents never drove me to school. I had a bicycle that weighed probably 50 pounds, and only had one speed, (slow).

    I never had a telephone in my room. The only phone was on a party line.

    Before you could dial, you had to listen and make sure some people you didn't know weren't already using the line.

    Movie stars kissed with their mouths shut. At least, they did in the movies.

    There were no movie ratings because all movies were responsibly produced for everyone to enjoy viewing, without profanity or violence or most anything offensive.

    If you grew up in a generation before there was fast food, you may want to share some of these memories with your children or grandchildren. Just don't blame me if they bust a gut laughing."

    Growing up isn't what it used to be, is it? LOL

  • Picture of lorraine
    25 June 2011 at 07:42


    thats a memory i should not have forgotten, i also had skates i tied them with my mums stockings? and gave myself a lovley black eye coming down a big hill , and when i got a bike it was falling to bits my dad sorted it and painted it he used butter or margarine on it but i dont know what that was for.


  • From Anonymous
    22 June 2011 at 21:02

    Mermories are made of this ? My faverorate is when My older sister was left to made our tea, she made tablet.

    Now my son will say ,tell me about when you were poor mum ....One christmas, my sister and me got a pair of skates ... between us.. then my sister became interested in boys.. I was very happy becaus I then had a pair of skates.


  • Picture of lorraine
    01 June 2011 at 15:24

    oh margarert,

    jan says he remembers maggie aswell of course he,s older than me ( dont take that to heart ha ha) jan was born in st mary street and the memories he has seem so different to mine at times?

    the washhouse we used was at abbeyhill just up from the regent picture house, we went thier every saturday morning great fun, then if it was nice we would go to the " wells o weerie" in holyrood park or was it the kings park, you have not been able to drink out the taps for ages now that were dotted aroung the park? in st margarets ( not yours) loch i caught many a tadpool broke my jar once and had stitches put into my leg but it did,nt stop me going back ha ha and the boats for hire wow what fun that was, the guy would shout your no. and you slung him a deafi i got barred from using them for a while because i would,nt come in when he shouted my no. then up the road through the plantation then shout my mum or grannie to throw me down a jam sannie ( from 10 stories up) you should have seen it when it landed, but all great memories for sure.

    did any of you guys get chips in a poke on a saturday night as a treat of course? or somthing special because it was the weekend?

    lorraine x

  • From Anonymous
    31 May 2011 at 18:58

    More memories.

    I remember the Newhaven fishwife with her creel and her shawl and striped skirt and apron.  She sat at the top of St Mary's Street between the Italian ice cream shop and the World's End pub. Her name was Maggie and I wouldn't pass her without buying something.  For sixpence you got a saucer of freshly cooked mussels and for thruppence you got a paper bag with buckies and a pin to get them out of the shells.  She even had pepper and vinegar.  I used to run ahead to the ice cream shop and my Nana knew where to find me and she would buy me a cone.

    I used to go every Saturday morning with my Mum and Nana to the washhouse which was down one of the closes off the High Street leading to the Lawnmarket.  The dirty washing was piled high in an old enamel baby bath and we wheeled it to the washhouse on an old pram chassis.

    I liked that joke from Ian about Chic Murray and the bar of toffee.  My late father-in-law was related to Chic's wife Maidie.  They were billed as "The small doll with the tall drawl" or something like that. 

    Keep em coming folks.

    Margaret x

  • Picture of lorraine
    31 May 2011 at 18:04

    oh yes nick and when the tablet pot was finished i grabbed that ha ha

    lorraine x

  • From Anonymous
    31 May 2011 at 17:29

    Scraping out the cake mix bowel, mmmnnn

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