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New protections on moving to UC

Started by Tombenefits   on 11 June 2018 at 16:22

Hello all,

At the end of last week, a welcome change was made to help ease a real problem that was beginning to surface in some of our Centres as Universal Credit starts its encounters with people affected by cancer.

Many people will be getting a severe disability premium included in either working age means tested benefits such as Income-related ESA and in Pension Credit. Some 500,000 in each according to a new DWP report issued yesterday.

You may get this extra amount as a result of a successful claim for Personal Independence Payment or Attendance Allowance. 

The problem - which remains - is that UC does not have any adult disability premiums to replace SDP, the other two or Working Tax credit disability elements.

In one case from one of our Centres a gentleman with advanced cancer was wrongly told by DWP that he needed to swap over to UC and lost some £42 a week or £176 a month in the process.

Officially there is no way back but our adviser was able to persuade DWP to treat the UC claim as not being made and so get his money back as to give him peace of mind. A court judgement is expected soon in relation to cases where UC has not given way, where someone did indeed have to switch.

The new announcement means that people in receipt of a severe disability premium will not have to make that switch if their circumstances change, until such time as the DWP are ready to offer transitional additions that will cushion any losses.

These will only come with "managed migrations" - that start from July 2019 - when the DWP write to you about switching over.

They do not apply to the current "natural migrations" that come with no protection. However the 4,000 who have already switched and suffered the loss an additional payment- acting like a transitional addition will make up the loss.

For more details please see the new Benefits Blog available here 

Please feel free to join this Conversation and post comments, general questions , share experiences, whether on this issue or UC as a whole

And please fell free to message me for a private chat and individual private advice about UC or any other benefits. 

Best wishes


Online Centre Benefits Advisor

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