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Topic Living with loss

For anyone who has lost someone due to cancer

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Losing a beloved precious child

Started by Anonymous on 25 February 2018 at 07:28

My daughter came home from hospital only 12 hrs before she left us. This was only last month. We are now a family of 3. What support is available for us as a family and as individuals. My husband and other daughter are at work during the day each week, but I am available to go to the centre in Manchester. I'm looking for some support from people who have also experienced the trauma of watching a child suffer and not survive cancer treatment.

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    From SusieQ  
    26 February 2018 at 10:42
    Edited on: 26 February 2018 at 12:54


    Losing a child, at whatever age, feels one of the most painful events any parent can experience. It sounds as though your lovely daughter only passed away recently - and everything may feel particularly raw.

    I'm not sure that the pain ever goes, but over time, the loss may feel more managable on a day to day basis. There is no time limit to grief though. She'll never be far from your thoughts - ever, I imagine.

    As a family, and in particular for you and your husband, the nurturing and loving of your children would be an integral part of you. When cancer comes along, it hurts very much when a parent feels they can't protect their precious child. Many parents tell me that they wish it had been them, not their child, who got the cancer.

    At the moment, the grieving may feel like treading water - functioning day to day, but going through the motions, consumed by sadness. It often helps to find counselling to talk through your grief, and about the gap in your lives.

    Maggie's Manchester will be able to guide you - there is psychological support, and the chance to talk through what you're feeling. They may offer some one to one support from our psychologist - if you and they think that will help too. 

    An organisation which can be helpful and supportive too is The Compassionate Friends, they have a telephone helpline and online forum. They also have a list of support groups in your area. They are specifically for people who have lost a child of any age. Cruse Bereavement Care also provide support and counselling.

    I'll send you a private message to say 'hello' and maybe we can talk some more about how things are for you - a virtual 'listening ear'...

    Warm wishes



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