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Selected Blog, I'm a Gemini

by Anonymous

28 August 2016 at 11:28

28 August 2016

I have been feeling a little rough the last couple of days, fortunately I have been sleeping loads so most of time the days have just come and gone. I have also felt quite light headed so have been trying not to move around to much or too quickly.

This morning, the light headedness seems to have gone and although I am not feeling great, still a little slow, there is an improvement.

I start my last lot of antibiotics tomorrow, which I have to take for seven days, and my last visit from the District Nurse to give me my daily injection is on Thursday, it really feels like things are finally coming to an end.

I am continuing to moisturise my PICC line arm, the redness has completely gone, however, the skin around the area is sort of mottled and discoloured, it doesnt hurt at all, just does not look very appealing, its kind of brown and blotchy, but does seem to be fading more and more each day.

Strange, I never had any real issues with my PICC line all the time it was in place, aside from the odd bit of itchy redness, the problems really only started after everything was removed.

One of the things I am really looking forward to doing when I am finally in my non toxic state is popping over to see my Mother and tucking into a lovely roast lamb dinner, whilst my Mother has insisted we speak every day, we have not actually seen each other since she initially came and looked after me at the start of my treatment, way back in April, I still had hair then!

I am really looking forward to finally being toxic free, being normal again and able to do the little things I used to take for granted;
Food tasting like it should
doing stuff without having to take a 5 minute break to recover
not having to wait for the District Nurse to turn up
washing my hair, instead of my head
waking up in the morning and actually feeling awake
staying up late
weekend lay ins not being drug induced

Whilst not an exhaustive list, the one thing that is right up finally not being identified by my illness, at the moment, the bald head is a dead give away.

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