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Selected Blog, I'm a Gemini

by Anonymous

15 June 2016 at 09:14

15 June 2016

Fab day yesterday, everyone has been incredibly kind and thoughtful, which helped make it a lovely day, lots of cards, lots of phone calls, lots of presents and best of all lots of cake!

The District Nurse popped round last night to flush my PICC line, she did pop round on Monday but wasnt able to do it because we didnt have any Sodium Chloride to flush it with, so I had to ring my GP and order some, which I was able to collect on the way home last night.

I have never looked at my PICC line (still cant bring myself to do that yet), although I did notice the other day it was a little itchy, but never really thought anything of it.

When the Nurse removed my PICC line covering, she noticed there was some redness and a little bruising around the general area, its not sore or infected or anything its just where the covering can sometimes press and rub against my skin, and its not anywhere near the PICC line itself. I guess when you have something in the same place on your body every day for a while that happens.

The covering is made of soft stretchy fabric which I am pretty sure under normal circumstances wouldnt be a problem, but at the moment my skin is super sensitive and it seems the slightest thing can cause a breakout or a bruise.

Anyway, the nurse swabbed it and I have been leaving the covering a little lower so the red bit is exposed to the air and its seems to be doing the trick.

Although I feel fine in myself, I am finding it noticeably more tiring than previous week 3’s. I am sleeping fine, going off pretty much straight away, however when I wake up, its like I have woken from a very deep sleep and it takes me moment to get myself together.

This evening I am attending a garden party, although given the unpredictability of the weather at the moment, it might end up being an indoors event. Which sounds very grand, but really its a group of us getting together in Lyn’s back garden, no posh frocks or hats, which is really fortunate as I dont own a posh frock got a couple of hats now though!

The girls where I used to work and was hoping to return part time in April before my diagnosis are having a little get together, we have all been instructed to bring along a suitable foodie item; I am preparing ‘a platter of cold meats’.

I am really looking forward to it, the last time we all got together was earlier this year and we all had a great evening.

Do you know, I have just realised this is the first time I will have gone out in the evening since my diagnosis, how strange.

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