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anxious of hexham

by Anonymous

12 November 2015 at 06:50

mammogram clear

Got the results from my latest mammogram two weeks ago the other day.  Three years now and no recurrence, not that I am expecting one.  Statistically speaking there is a 20% chance of recurrence within 5 years according to the oncologist.  Of course if I had gone ahead with radiotherapy it would have reduced to 15%.  Considering that radiotherapy could affect my autoimmune condition adversely, I still think this is a risk worth taking.  80% of no recurrence sounds like good odds to me.  Of course the Letrozole could be enough to prevent any recurrence anyway.

I had booked onto a Macmillan HOPE course which was being held at Hexham hospital.  It was due to start last week but was cancelled due to lack of numbers.  Bit disappointing.  The cancer support group were trying to drum up some interest and so I booked in the hope that the course might run if enough people joined. I expect it might be more useful for those who perhaps were more recently diagnosed but I was looking forward to it just the same.

I got along to Maggies Newcastle a few weeks ago and waited there until it was time for my appointment with the rheumatologist at the Freeman hospital.  It was good to meet one of my Maggie's friends there and have a chat.  The volunteers were very welcoming and showed me around and made as many cups of tea as I wanted.  It is an impressive building, but was a bit disappointed to see that the upper level and roof garden is not easily accessible.  I managed the stairs with some difficulty because of arthritis. Ouch!

The visit to the rheumatologist was less pleasant.  I have been given hydroxychloroquine to try to see if it will dampen down my disease.  So far, not so good.  The side effects are a bit grim, headache and nausea, also insomnia which the info leaflet does not list.  There are rheumatology nurses who I can contact, which is new to me as this has not been part of the service I was using in Northumberland, and I rang her yesterday. Una says 'give it another week and if necessary go back to see the rheumatologist' so I am taking her advice.

More anxious making is the presence of blood in my urine with no signs of infection.  Currently giving repeat samples to my GP to see if it needs further investigation.

Still waiting for blood test results from the bone health clinic, but the doctor I saw was lovely and we think I could probably get away with no biphosphonate treatment for the osteopenia as long as we keep an eye on it and I can manage the levels of vit D and calcium with diet and supplements. My previous set of blood tests showed D level low and calcium high!.

Feeling like a pincushion!

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