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by Anonymous

02 January 2012 at 16:54

Clive James living with CLL

During a phase and my search for everything to do about CLL last year, I came across and commented on the unfortunate story of  Clive James CLL diagnosisfollowing a period of illness. Of course I duly informed the community that one of our greats and an inspiration to me throughout my life had now joined our club. It would appear he has to contend with much, but seems aggravated by the attention this has drawn from the press.

He has continued to be an inspiration to me a person living with CLL. Not long after diagnosis he commenced work as The Daily Telegraph’s TV critic and has continued to develop his website. It appears he has reinvented himself and his music, poetry and writing is enjoying resurgence as he lives with the disease. The website is a cultural banquet that also includes a collection of others work. This I have enjoyed feasting upon during the seasonal break..


Clive's website is

The Good Web Guide Reviews This Site is a generous and wonderful delight: this is the future for cultural multi-media websites... it ought to be a spur to an artistic renaissance on the internet... beautifully designed... In Audio there are fascinating dialogues. The (Video) archive  a treasurehouse of wit and insight.



As of October 2011:

“Clive James has been rather unwell for most of the summer so uploads on the site have taken a back seat to general maintenance and tidying. Now that he is happily back holding the reins we have started to upload extracts from the out of print collection of essays: 'Even As We Speak'. A link to CJ's articles in The Telegraph is now also available in the 'Essays' section.”


Excerpt from: Clive Jamesis the Daily Telegraph's TV critic. His weekly column appears on Saturday, in the Review supplement.   


Clive James was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1939 and educated at Sydney University and Cambridge, where he was President of Footlights.

The Observer hired him as a television reviewer in 1972, and for 10 years his weekly column was one of the most famous regular features in Fleet Street journalism.
During this period he gradually became a prominent television performer himself, and over the next two decades he wrote and presented countless studio series and specials, as well as pioneering the postcard format of travel programmes.
In 1979 his first book of autobiography, Unreliable Memoirs, recounting his upbringing in Australia, was an enormous publishing success. It was followed by four other volumes of autobiography, the most recent being The Blaze of Obscurity (2009).

Collections of his essays on literary and other topics include The Metropolitan Critic (1974), The Meaning of Recognition (2005) and The Revolt of the Pendulum (2009), but the critical book that drew most attention was his study of culture and politics in the 20th century, Cultural Amnesia (2007). The bestselling Brilliant Creatures, the first of his four novels, was published in 1983. His most recent collections of poetry are Opal Sunset and Angels Over Elsinore, the second of which was short-listed for the Costa Prize.

He is married to the scholar Prue Shaw, and they have two daughters, Claerwen, molecular biologist turned painter, and Lucinda, civil servant and world expert on CSI: Miami. In 2008 he was awarded the George Orwell Special Prize for a lifetime achievement in journalism and broadcasting. He lives in London, Cambridge and various airports. Hide full text

Many of his essays and poems can be found at his website,


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