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As well as sharing experiences with our friendly online community, registered members are able to contact our experienced online team. The Centre is staffed during office hours and the online team aim to reply within 24 hours.

Psychologists and experts from other Maggie's Centres and partner organisations also facilitate some group and individual sessions.

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Robyn's Blog: News from Maggie's online centre head

by Robyn

News about the online centre and other cancer related topics
17 November 2016 at 18:51

What is Maggie's Online Centre?

I am often asked what happens at Maggie’s Online Centre, how online support works and what support is offered by the Online Centre team . Many of you will be aware that Maggie’s has a growing number of Centres across the UK offering free, practical and emotional support. Online we aim to mirror that personal approach and we work in a number of different ways with individual visitors to help you to find the support and information you need.

You can visit the Online centre as a guest and you will be able to read a selection of content written by some of our members and also by our professional team
Sometimes just reading posts from others can help you to understand more about your own situation to know more about treatment or support available and feel more able to ask for help, or perhaps just know that how you are feeling just now is “normal” or understandable.

You may find a conversation post or blog from another member has struck a chord and helps you to take the step of registering and letting someone know how cancer has affected you and the people close to you.

Registered members are able to participate in the conversations, to write blogs, to take part in our live facilitated online groups and booked sessions.

By saying hello and sharing experiences in the blogs and conversations with other members you can often stumble upon helpful advice or some friendly words from someone you may have thought you had no connection with. You can find more details of the range of Online Support for registered members in my conversation post ‘Finding your Online feet

Members are also able to contact our Online team. Cancer support specialists across Maggie’s Centres are always experienced health professionals. Sue ‘’susieq” and I are both cancer nurses, others may have a different background as a radiographer for example , but we all have many years experience of working with people affected by cancer and their families . Online we also have Tom (tombenefits) our benefits advisor and Caroline (carolineh) our nutritional advisor. You can find out more about the support each team member offers by reading their profiles click on their username  in green anywhere on the Centre or from the ''Meet the team panel'' which is on most pages.
Many of you will be visiting Online for the first time – you may never have taken part in an online community. It can be hard to take that first step – to say hello, to write how things are just now.

If you register one of the team will contact you with a personal message. We start with what you come to Maggie's with - the question you ask, the story you tell us at the pace that suits you, and we help you find you way forwards....often over a number of messages.

We are not here to replace your hospital team – we are here alongside as you face the challenges, both emotional and practical, that a diagnosis of cancer brings you, your family and friends

We will listen to your questions, help you to find the answers you need or the words to ask, the space to express the emotions you are experiencing and signpost you to support at Maggie’s, your healthcare team ,or other specialist organisations.

Alongside the conversations and blogs much of the work of the Online Centre team is via private messages. Registered members are able to send us personal messages anytime. We always reply as soon as we are able - usually within 24 hours (or the next working day)
We also facilitate many of the live online individual and group support sessions
Sometimes, just as there can be no question, there is no specific answer. Then we are still here to listen and support you and those around you through a difficult or uncertain time.
As with visiting any of our physical Centres across the UK. You are welcome to register for Maggie’s Online Centre at any point in your cancer journey, all you need is a username and email address and access to the internet. We look forward to welcoming you to our Online Centre whether you have cancer yourself, are worried about cancer or you are supporting a family member or friend. 

Best wishes

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