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Selected Blog, I'm a Gemini

by Anonymous

19 November 2016 at 09:35

19 November 2016

Lying on the radiotherapy bed not really being able to move gives you time to contemplate stuff, one of the things I contemplated while laying there was the sound the machine made, it was bugging me that I couldnt find a way to describe it, then I had a eureka moment, it sounds exactly like army boots marching on gravel!!

There was another weird thing that kept happening too, I close my eyes when I am in there and lately when I have opened them I have noticed I am further in the scanner than I was when I started, yet I didnt feel the bed moving, I thought I was going a little nuts, until I spoke to one of the nurses about it and she said the bed actually moves very slowly into the chamber as you receiving treatment, phew, my sanity is intact!

My first week of radiotherapy is now over, I cant believe I have only two more weeks of treatment left, it feels….odd.

Interesting little fact, at my hospital, they zap (for various reasons, I am assuming not all cancer related people) 250 people per day, I was really surprised at that number, apparently not all hospitals have the scanners so some people have to come from far and wide. It makes you realise how ‘fortunate’ you are when you live near a large hospital with all the latest equipment.

The logistics of travelling to and from hospital and waiting around in waiting rooms are on my list of the top 10 most rubbish things about being ill.

My hair is continuing to grow, its long enough now that I am considering getting it cut, well shaved really, its not that long!.

It was something that Annie suggested way back when I first got it shaved off, to help thicken it up. I have always been fine about losing my hair, now that its growing back its quite exciting. Some areas on my head feel more dense than others so I want to get it shaved before I get too used to having hair again!

I am also considering going a little crazy with colour while its really short, I figured if I can walk around with no hair, I can walk around with crazy colour hair too, and hey you only get one life and one is all you need if you get it right the first time!

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