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by Anonymous

01 December 2017 at 11:21

1 Year

Just a quick update at the 1 year marker.

My latest PSA result is 0.5 (down from 0.9, three months ago), so that's cheered me up, just in time for Xmas. :-)

The acute polyarthritis hasn't changed much, although in general I think it's improved slightly. However, I'm now experiencing a lot of pain in my big toe joints, which has curtailed my walking.

I had pain in one of the toes prior to the polyarthritis, so I don't think I can blame it on that. Although it probably isn't helping. Wondering if Zoladex could have caused it, since it's given me plenty of other foot pains, but it might be down to osteoarthritis. Will need to get it investigated further, starting with another blood test to check for inflamatory markers. (With the polyarthritis an ongoing problem, you'd think that they'd check this whenever I have a PSA test, but no, have had to arrange it separately).

The main negative for me at present is that I'm still putting on weight. Pretty sure that the Zoladex is the main cause, plus no doubt eating too much, as well. Not being able to exercise much is also contributing a lot now. Serious dieting and going to the gym, look like the only way forward. However, I'll prevaricate until the New Year now.

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