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by Anonymous

01 November 2011 at 17:10

CLLSA appeal and learning


The Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Support Association (CLLSA) is a charity formed in August 2005 by a group of four CLL patients who initially made contact through international CLL groups on the Internet.

The association has grown and achieved much. The main aim of the CLLSA is to provide help and support for patients with CLL (and similar related conditions) and their carers.

We provide:

·     A website

·     A unique contact list of consultants in the UK who specialise in CLL

·     Latest news and developments on CLL

·     Regular patient meetings

·     Information leaflets

·     Newsletters

·     Patient conferences with expert speakers on CLL

·     Liaison with NICE on CLL matters

·     Fundraising


We are appealing for Trustees and volunteers 

In accordance with the wishes of the present Trustees we are asking for more volunteers for the posts of trustees. Applicants should be of a mature outlook. Trustees are required to attend up to 4 trustee meetings per year, and support the organisation with its work. These are voluntary positions and only legitimate expenses with receipts are reimbursed. If you are selected for interview then your expenses for travel would be reimbursed. Due to the fact that the volume of work is conducted by e-mail, you must have easy access to a computer, be able to use a word processing program and send e-mails.

Please respond by sending an application of no more than 300 words giving your reasons for wishing to become a trustee and what strengths you would bring to the role.  Send your applications for the attention of The Trustees PA

Training: We will support and encourage you to enrol and attend accredited cancer support courses that will assist in yourself development and to work together with us and the community. Details of what is available on-line or in your area can be provided upon application. In house training is an ongoing process.

Kind Regards

Nick  CLLSA trustee


Are You a Good Listener? We have spaces on a FREE one day Macmillan cancer support, listening and responding course, for those in easy reach of the M4 corridor. 

Most of us have been helped by having someone to talk too at some time of our lives. We were grateful for the support and comfort their listening has provided. Now we need people in the CLLSA who are willing to become volunteer listeners; people with CLL or their carers who understand some of the special problems that we have.

If you think that you can help, let us know with contact details and a sentence or two about why you feel that your background would help you to be a listener. We can then talk to you about enrolment.

This free workshop will help you to identify the differences between listening and other helping strategies such as providing information and advice as well as developing and practising your listening and responding skills in a supportive environment.

How do I find out more?

You can contact us by Email at

Or by the Post Office to:

Trustees PA

CLL Support Association

c/o 39/40 Eagle Street



Self development and Macmillan Learning Zone

We can all benefit from reaching out. Supporting each other through volunteering, self help and support groups can bring great rewards. Learning about CLL was perhaps my first step in self help. It was not long before I ventured on-line and found a few communities. Their familiarity of living with CLL perhaps was the greatest influence in helping me come to terms with the disease and allowing me to live again. Just having the support of other people in the same boat made the difference.

This of course led me to the CLLSA, where as well as gaining information I was able to meet with others in a supportive environment. Much of this time spent with others involves a lot of sharing and listening to others’ experiences. Not the most natural environment for me. Discovering Macmillan’s on-line learning Zone very quickly made a difference.

It was the; Members of the public supporting others, section at:

This helped change things for me.  A learning place that helps us develop skills, confidence and knowledge.  Important when meeting and supporting others. This is now part of my self development and underpins my CLLSA work and time here and online.

There are many FREE certificated courses available to members of the public supporting others. The course calendar and map have been updated to allow a much easier way to search for what courses are available in your region and may be relevant for you.

The site provides access to FREE certificated E-learning courses and the workshops and courses listed below:


Buddying and Befriending

Cancer and Its Treatments

Cancer and Relationships

Cancer Support Course

Developing Your Group

Good Practice in Starting a Group

Listening and Responding

Putting Life Back into Your Group

Running Effective Meetings

Supporting Others Through Loss

Talking to Children about Cancer

Telephone Skills

Using Macmillan’s L&D Toolkits with Your Group

 Many courses and workshops are completed in one day or there are more substantial E-learning courses that can be completed in your own time tackling modules in any order. There are also courses that involve a few days in class plus course work and learning over several months. For example “the Cancer Support Course is equivalent to an NVQ2 and accredited by the Open College Network. This gives you a recognised qualification that aims to build your skills and confidence so that you become the best supporter you can be”.

Thank you for reading this far

Best wishes


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