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Cancer - the word which can strike a sentence.

by Anonymous

21 December 2011 at 18:43


We are in the phase of "wait and see" at the moment. My Mum-in-Law had her last Radio treatment on Monday ... last treatment ever.... the "it will buy you time, not a cure" treatment. It is very hard to accept that this is it now. She is still well and quite happy - she is bossing people around but as the Docs keep saying ... it is not a cure.

Ovarian cancer rarely goes to the brain but this one has. Because of this, they are not 100% sure what will happen over the coming months ... it is all guess work. So we go back full circle to "wait and see". Hopefully, the Radio will work in shrinking the tumours so she gets a quality of life back for a while ...  we will know more, I guess, on Jan 4th (my father-in-law's B'Day, ironically) when she has her follow-up appointment with the oncologist.

My lovely husband is struggling with it all. He goes from disbelief through to complete sadness. I just want to hold him til the pain goes away. Sylvia's cancer has touched us all in so many ways ... it frightens me that my Mum will get ill again ... she's been clear 15 years (thank God) or that someone else we love will be touched with it.

I suppose all this has taught me that health and contentment are the only gifts I should wish for this year.

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