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Selected Blog, I'm a Gemini

by Anonymous

05 November 2016 at 10:33

5 November 2016

I was back at the hospital on Thursday catching up with my Oncologist, now I am post chemo I only need to see her every 3 months. I have a little folder where I jot down questions or anything strange I feel I should make her aware of, mostly though its questions.

Bev came with me, we hadnt seen each other for a while, so she was surprised how much hair I had now, most people I bump into these days comment on it, its definitely growing back really quickly. I also dragged Bev into the toilets so I could show her my scar, that was a rather amusing situation, we were trying to find a toilet that was empty because we thought it would look a bit strange both of us going into the same cubicle, in the end we gave up and just did it. She said it looked really neat and not as scary as she thought it would and she was surprised how big it was. It was nice to have a second opinion on how it looked.

The consult with Dr Cox went well, all very positive, fortunately I dont have to take the bisphosphonates, I was kind of dreading being told I would have to have them, but she asked me how I felt about it, I said no and she said OK. No additional medication, yaaahhh, although I have got to get myself booked in for another flu jab with my local GP.

I had received a copy of the letter the hospital sends to your GP with updates, most of it is in hospital speak and abbreviations etc so for a lay person its a little difficult to interpret. As this last update was following my surgery I was keen to find out more about it, so I asked my Oncologist to explain it to me.

Apparently my breast tumour was 62mm (a rather large bugger), it had responded extremely well to chemo and as a result it had been reduced to two 1mm bits, a pretty significant response and a very positive outcome. Of the 18 lymph nodes removed 4 had shown evidence of having been cancerous, but again the chemo had done its job and all that was left was the scaring on these nodes.

I asked how long it takes before I would be considered completely chemo free and was advised that by 4 week after my last dose I was pretty much non toxic again which means I am definitely now toxic free.

I asked about the possible more long term side effects that I need to look out for, these were mostly to do with muscle and joint aches around my underarm, neck, collarbone on my mastectomy side.

So consult over, I am back again in February.

I popped down to the radiotherapy area because I wanted to find out about possible concessions for the parking costs during my 3 weeks of radiotherapy, the good news is I only have to pay for the first day each week the rest of the week I get a pass.

Before work on Friday, I met up for coffee with Linda at my favourite farm shop/deli, it was lovely to catch up and even more lovely, she brought me gifts; some rather posh, spoil yourself bathing lotions and potions and some honey from her very own bees.

This week has flown and the perfect ending is going to be tucking into my Mothers roast lamb lunch tomorrow…..oh and seeing my Mother of course!

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