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Selected Blog, I'm a Gemini

by Anonymous

12 June 2016 at 10:18

12 June 2016

A gentleman called Dave turned up on Friday with a spangly brand new motorised treadmill for me to borrow during my treatment, he delivered it, set it up for me and even spent time showing me how to use all the settings and the program feature. Some people are so incredibly kind and willing to give up their time, Dave said he was in no hurry to have the machine back, so I could have it as long as I wanted or needed.

I have been trying to spend 10 minutes 3 times a day on it, and hopefully building things up over time, I have to admit at the moment it can be a little hard going, my body just feels so heavy, and my legs feel like lead weights, after the 10 mins of brisk walking I do feel a little exhausted, maybe that is something that will improve over time. For the moment the little exercise I am getting although hard going is making me feel a lot better about myself so its all good.

Chris popped round for a catch up on Friday afternoon, it was great to hear all his news and he made me a very funny little gift; a votive candle with a fork attached which had had its prongs bent so that it resembled someone sticking their fingers up, of course it could also represent someone giving the victory sign, so its multi purpose, on bad days I shall turn it appropriately.

Yesterday was a great day, I am approaching my week three and am starting to feel normal again, so I managed to get a few jobs jobbed around the house.

I have also noticed something, I seem to lose some of my ability to taste during week 2, but week 1 and week 3 seem to be normal for me.

A while ago I managed to purchase a waterproof covering for my PICC line arm (you are given something from the hospital when it is first fitted as you are not supposed to get it wet. The cover they give you at the hospital does the job but its not very robust, worked fine while I was taking baths, but my preference is showers). A few days ago I decided to give a shower a go with my new waterproof cover and it was absolutely fine, my PICC line and its covering remained dry.

Its only a little thing, but being able to take showers again, is another step closer to ‘what was normal before’ its surprising how important these things become when they are taken away from you.

From a wobbly start at the beginning of this week, things have ended up very positive again for me and I am looking forward to going back to work on Monday and essentially having a normal week.

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