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Selected Blog, I'm a Gemini

by Anonymous

10 August 2016 at 09:53

10 August 2016

On Monday for the first time in my treatment the District Nurse had a problem with my PICC line.

The nurse had popped in that evening for my usual daily injection and weekly PICC line flush, but it turned out the line was blocked and she was unable to flush it, I have to admit I was a little concerned at first, this is a line thats been threaded into my vein and sits in a large vein just above my heart, blockages and hearts thats not a great combination, right!

She contacted the hospital for advice and was told I would have to make an appointment to go into hospital and have it flushed, another trip to the hospital - great!

Fortunately for me, this District Nurse was persistent and decided to have another go herself, eventually it worked, whatever was stopping it before was now clear, another trip to the hospital averted - yaaayy, and clearly my initial concerns were without foundation.

So I have been banging on about how rubbish FEC is, and there is no getting away from the fact, it is rubbish, but there is a positive side, when I come out the other side its quite a nice place to be, my head feels clear, I dont feel as toxic and I feel more able mentally, a sharp contrast to the initial weeks.

I was in a good place yesterday, so I decided to get all creative, I read somewhere that you can help maximise heat from your radiators by putting reflective material behind them.

I had a couple of large heavy weight cardboard boxes from a recent delivery, perfect for this very project.

So, I cut the boxes down to radiator size, covered them in tin foil and have placed them behind a couple of large radiators, hopefully this winter I shall be toasty, toasty.

I could of course have nipped down to my local DIY place and bought them, but where is the fun in that, besides, I made use of something that would have otherwise gone in the recycle bin (the world is now saved from extinction - you are welcome!) and mine only cost me the price of a roll of tin foil - a couple of quid, ker-ching!

I had a smug face all day yesterday.

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