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CLL Life

by Anonymous

07 January 2012 at 19:48

Beyond the big C

A vivid and powerful expression with graphics and sculpture, of a patient’s journey. Powerful artwork, combined with a written account and explanation of events leading to the resulting pieces of work. Captured with photography including the venue and audience to give an example of the scale everything involved in its creation and appreciation. In a new on-line gallery.

Wanting to move on but not quite sure where to go or how to get there


A masterpiece all of it,  A lone traveller with nowhere to go... or at least the path is unknown. Before Cancer we 'assume' we know where we're going... Where we're expected to go, and be and how we'll get there.  After, when even getting out of bed can be a challenge and the new faces we meet are met with anxiety and fear of the unknown, some will be most unfriendly, but no less necessary, we are not sure of anything.

“On 7th September 2001 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. I was just 33 years old. On 12th September 2011 an art exhibition opened in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow; the exhibition was called "Beyond the Big C". Through a variety of art media, this exhibition shows my journey from diagnosis to the present day. After 1 week at the Mitchell Library, the exhibition moved to the Gallery at the Bield at Blackruthven, near Perth where it ran for 4 weeks, until 15th October 2011.”

“I hope to show the exhibition in 2 venues in 2012- dates and venues to be confirmed.”

To enter the gallery click on the art piece sections at the bottom of the bottom of the webpage

Sore Point

One small prickly piece immediately caught my eye at the bottom of the 1st section created from cannulae, immediately resembling the form of a sea urchin, porcupine, or hedge hog. So many harsh threatening and impenetrable spines in defence of a tender interior. There is little space left for one of these threatening spines to be added or removed without pain to either the inserter, remover, the inserted or removed. The piece of clay says so much. There is then her account on her dealings with these spines and those that insert them as part of the explanation about the piece.

A seemingly small point drawing me in as the exhibition further unfolded and she tackled some big topics.

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