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Selected Blog, I'm a Gemini

by Anonymous

23 August 2016 at 09:25

23 August 2016


Maggie my chemo buddy came with me yesterday, to celebrate our own little closing ceremony. Mags had made some of her scrummie blueberry muffins for both of us and the nurses in the day unit too and I gave them a little card to say Thank you.

They really are a lovely friendly bunch of people and helped to make the visits and the treatment a lot less rubbish.

Ironically I was actually sitting in the seat (seat number 13, will never forget that!) where I had my very first batch of toxics and the nurse administering me was the very first nurse I had too!

I was feeling a little apprehensive on the way there, only because I kept thinking about how I was going to feel the next couple of weeks, but after a while I was feeling a lot more positive about having my final dose of chemo and I started to feel I could not care less about how rubbish I was going to feel the next few weeks, because in my head from now on everything starts to revert back to proper normal again and that is way more exciting.

The added bonus, I also had my PICC line removed yesterday, that was a strange process, the nurse just slowly pulls out the tube you have had in your arm all this time, you feel nothing at all and before you know it its all over and the tube is out. I couldnt bring myself to watch her do it, but Mags did, as it was in my vein I imagined it would be all bloody, but Maggie said it wasnt, it was just a very thin tube.

This morning I finally get to shower properly for the first time, no having to put the plastic sleeve over my arm to cover my PICC line, its a silly little thing, but it feels really great.

I will see the nurses again regularly for a while, but only briefly when I pop back for my herceptin and bisphosphonate injections, apparently whilst the herceptin is just an injection, the bisphosphonate is given via a drip, so I will have to have a cannula fitted whilst I am given that.

The nurses all know how I have been in the past about needles and none of them wanted to be the ones to give me those injections, so one of them is going to have to draw the short straw when it happens, but I am hoping I will be a lot better and maybe even surprise them with how calm I am with needles now.

It will be an interesting first visit for myself and the nurse who will be treating me. Fortunately Maggie has offered to come along the first time, just incase I have a mini meltdown, but I am determined not to be such a girlie about it all.

The first part of my journey is finally over, my mini milestone reached, I feel like I have managed to get through it without too many problems, am feeling good, positive about my new toxic free life, and just generally very Pollyannish.

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