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by Anonymous

23 October 2016 at 09:53

23rd October 2013 Age 43

3 years ago today my brave brother Jim sadly lost his battle with cancer. I will never forget the pain and devastation I felt. The part of my heart broken that can never be put back together but as time has gone by I am learning to live with my beautiful memories. As much as today and the days leading up to this day always seem more difficult. I will be okay.If Jims death has taught me anything it is certainly that"Life is too short" ..... So if there is something you want to do or Somewhere you want to go then do it. Do it all before its too late. I am learning to live with my pain and Maggies has helped me greatly with that. Especially Sue who has been there for me from the beginning. I will be forever grateful........Sue, you are an Amazing lady...

Jim was told he had 3 weeks but bravely battled on for 10 months.He was positive he never lost his sense of humour or witty ways.He was such a character.He loved going to the gym and keeping fit.He said himself "I'm the healthiest cancer patient you ever saw"

Jim was at home he just carried on regardless, my husband was visiting Jim and in pops the Macmillan nurse to introduce herself to Jim, she turned to my husband,pats his arm and in her soft spoken,caring voice asked him how he was feeling today...The next thing my phone is ringing Jim is hysterical at first I got a terrible fright until I realised Jim was hysterical with laughter...He said Hey Sis, I think you better start taking better care of your husband the nurse has just mistaken him for a patient...At least it gave Jim a good laugh, not sure my husband did though... That's what I mean about how Amazing, & Healthy that Jim looked...Obviously not on the Inside!!! Even with his terrible illness he could still laugh...But I know too there were times he was just  being brave for all of us.....

Even though today is a sad day I will do my best to think of the good times, the fun times. I will love and miss my brother forever..

I will take flowers and a card to the cemetery. I will have a bit of a tidy and a blether.. I will release  a Blue balloon  (Jims favourite colour ) with my own personal message, Then just take the rest of the day as it comes...

I have a lovely husband and a fantastic sister. I am not alone.

Live, Love, Laugh..

Jim wherever you are, Love And Miss You..Until We Meet



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