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Up Against Stage 4 Prostate Cancer

by Anonymous

08 November 2016 at 13:52

Movember Man Flu

I found myself listening to a conversation between some women in my workplace today and I've tried not to let it annoy me but it has, despite my best efforts.

They were going on about man flu - this idea that men are just a bunch of softy hypochondriacs when they get ill. I turn up to work every day with cancer (for reasons that I may go into later) and try not to make anyone feel uncomfortable around me because of it. Listening to this conversation really touched a nerve.

When I first got ill I thought it was the flu but I told myself I wasn't going to be one of those men who supposedly falls to bits at the first sign of a sniffle or a cough. I reasoned that women, for four days each month, endure horrible discomfort and pain and just need to turn up and say nothing. I reasoned that this horrible, crappy, cold, exhausted feeling would probably be nothing in comparison.

I didn't take any time off the entire time. It was a male pride thing I have to admit. Since then I've turned up the day after chemo. I've walked around in work with my legs feeling like lead weights and my brain feeling like it's made of wool and then I have to sit there and listen about how men are all soft and weak when they get ill.

My own fault, you may argue, but my working situation is complex. A massive opportunity has been presented to me in my career and if I don't take it now it willl be gone, so I need to work.

What men need to know is that many serious illnesses can start with what feels like a bad, bad flu but turns out to be much worse. When you are having to just muddle on when you are going through something like this it really hurts to hear a bunch of women who know your situation imply that you like all men are just a wimp.

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