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Cancer and Healthy Eating Blog

by CarolineH

Recipes and nutrition tips
16 August 2016 at 06:53

Nutrition online services update

Nutritional Support at Maggie's Online Centre

This week I thought that I would take the time to explain about the nutritional support that is available here at Maggie's Online Centre.

Many people find that by addressing diet and the way that they eat really helps to give a sense of control in what can seem to many people an out of control situation. Research has delivered very good evidence which shows that by eating as well as you can it not only boosts health but adds to general wellbeing. Eating as well as you can supports the body through any type of treatment, people report less side effects and seem to recover more quickly. I have seen and spoken to many many visitors at Maggie’s centres and online and they all report that by addressing their food they feel as if they are doing their bit and really helping themselves.

· There is so much research around particularly on the internet, some of it is from good evidence and some not so good and it is part of my job to keep abreast with this research and analyse it so that I can pass on best practice to those I meet.

The online centre offers many avenues of support with nutrition.

Nutrition blogs

· I write a monthly blog on a wide range of topics to do with cancer and nutrition. This includes book reviews, topical news headlines, general healthy eating (always supported by research), dealing with specific side effects of treatment, menu ideas and some recipes. I have quite a library of blogs. You can see the full list of blogs here

· If you cannot find the specific help that you need via the blogs then just ask, you can get in touch in several ways.

Recipe of the month

· Each month I place a recipe in the healthy eating section of the conversations board. This is to share ideas of ways to eat well. The recipes have always been tried and tested. I invite members who have tried them to let me know how they got on, some respond by sending a similar recipe that they have found useful.


· Any conversation that you place that may be directed to nutrition/healthy eating automatically becomes a public conversation so will also be shared by other members who may join in the conversation.

· I check my conversations daily so you will soon get a response from me, which again will be shared by other members.

· Likewise you may read a conversation started by someone else that you want to respond to. All of this adds up to online support through the members who may share similar situations and questions.

· You can see a full list if current conversations here.

Private messages

· You can request to become my centre friend and then we can exchange private messages just between to two of us. These are totally confidential.

· You can do this by going to my profile page and click first as “invite as a friend” and then again” send personal message”.

· I check these daily and you will soon get a full and detailed response during office hours, although you can send a question at any time of the day or night it will still reach me.

Booked one to one sessions

· These are live one to one to one chats online that have been pre- arranged for a specific time when the two of us are at our key boards at the same time.

· These are generally available on a Wednesday morning starting from 10.15. We will have 40minutes to converse.

· It is an ideal opportunity to explore any worries or questions that you may have in more detail. If time runs out we can continue with private messages or book another one to one session.

· To book a session join the online nutrition session here, read through the general information and scroll down to click on ‘booked nutrition appointments’.

Weight Management group

Although this group is not currently running Susie Q and I regularly check to see if we have sufficient interest to run a group. I would run for 4 fortnightly sessions with a follow up session 1 month later. The idea is to give guidance and support using up to date research into weight management. You woulf recieve information to read that gives a detailed plan of how to go about it. All information that would be shared in group sesions would remain confidential.

Food for thought


These are sessions that are facilitated once a month, usually the last wednesday of each month by myself and Susie Q the online cancer support specialist.

The idea is that each month we explore an aspect of food/ nutrition and cancer looking at topics of interest guided by research. We have looked at a hwole range of topics from store cupboard essentials to looking after our bones or focusing on nutrition for the immune system.

Susie also posts a transcript of the session for members to read if they can not make the actual session. You will have prior warning of the next topic to be discussed and we encourage questions that can be sent prior to the session so that we can target our information.

The way forward

· If any of you have any ideas about healthy eating and nutrition that you would like to see online I would love to hear about them.

· If you have any topics that you would like me to cover as a blog then do let me know.

· Please remember any message whether it is a general conversation or a private message can be sent by anyone with cancer, a family member or carer. It does not matter how simple the question or how daft you may think it is if it puts your mind at rest and helps then please do get in touch as I am always really happy to help in any way that I can.

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