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Who knows, maybe tomorrow

by Anonymous

13 April 2017 at 15:49

Radiotherapy a go go

So, Monday, I got to hospital about 10am ahead of 10:48 slot where I was told to arrive about 30 mins early (I took that for 10:15am). No schools so traffic was way easy. Of course. Finally called at 10:30am. "You haven't got your gown on?" "I don't have a gown" Seems I should have been provided with one after CT scanning: "they may have been short of gowns" Gave me my schedule.... had a bit of a meltdown. Whilst a lot of the times are mid-late morning as I begged, some are definitely not. Tuesday was 5pm! Thursday (today) 7pm! Tuesday next week is 8:50am! And there is a Saturday (classically when I expected to be out for the day with family visit). Sigh. Then we had the fun of positioning me. It did not go well. Very uncomfy (not my bad arm, but my good arm/shoulder and my back) and BLOODY FREEZING. It was near 12 noon when I finally got out. Needless to say, spoon-less. Thankfully the two visits since then have been much better, and the staff are seriously lovely. But I still have twelve sessions to go, and - thanks the bank holidays - even with a Saturday (because they close one Thursday to check the machines), I don't finish til the day of my first Breast Cancer Care "Moving Forward" course in early May. I'm in awe of those who go through this whilst working, having family responsibilities or living remotely from their treatment centre.

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