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The beginning

by Anonymous

29 March 2013 at 20:49

February 2013

I first noticed the swelling on the right side of my neck in May 2012. The Doctor said looked like a swelling in the Lymph glands and to keep an eye on it. Well by November time the swelling was getting bigger and smaller and every time it got bigger it stayed bigger. Eventually it was as big as a duck egg. So they did blood tests and sent me to the Head and Neck Specialists. They did Ultrasound and extracted fluid from the swelling and then they scheduled a MRI Scan. On February 5th they told me I had Oropharynx Squamous Cell Carcinoma T3 N2c Mo. So there is me all alone and live alone etc. thinking WTF now! Things moved quite quickly then through CT Scan to a surgical Biopsy on March 3rd which involved an over night stay as they wouldn't let me come home on my own even though I live in "sheltered housing" here in Weymouth. Then things slowed down somewhat. I have turned down a Fedding Tube as I need to live as normal a life as I can. they did a dental exam and want to remove the four back teeth one on each side ujpper and lower, I said no but now have agreed. Next thing is radiotherapy planning. I have researched radiation therapy and chemo but I didn't want the radiation stuff but they told me without it they couild only then remove my tongue as the thing I have is in the root of it. Being an engineer and a spiritualist plus working in nuclear power stations I know a lot about radiation and irradiation and not impressed as it seems for this stuff it is using a jack hammer to open a walnut. But I am going to give it one go to see if I can beat it. Why? Don't know really. My family (those that are still down here) are crap, I have a couple of really good mates but no girlfriend as Enlgish female sonly want men of my age if wealthy an dprepared to share it all. So that's me so far. Being normal (well for me any way) and waiting to do what needs to be done next. April 3rd planning next steps at the hospital. 

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