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anxious of hexham

by Anonymous

26 August 2016 at 08:52

Liz O'Riordan's latest blog

I really like reading Liz's blog.  I signed up to follow her ages ago as, being a cancer doctor herself, Liz has a slightly different take on her cancer treatment.  This is the link if you are interested in looking at what she writes about  and this too from Grazia

Life is a bit dull at the moment.  I haven't been in hospital for a few weeks.  I wrote before about my dash to hospital with chest sepsis, but have since then spent another week as an emergency admission with diverticulitis.  This is still being investigated as my CT scan has been described as 'abnormal' but with no cancerous mass that they could see.  I suppose with being treated for breast cancer, it is what they look for first it seems.  Especially as my aunt died of metastic ovarian cancer which had spread to the bowel. My mother died when she was 32 of leukaemia a very long time ago and so I am not aware of any other family history.  Nobody to ask - a bit like being adopted.

The surgeon requested a sigmoidoscopy to look at the bowel lining which was not completed because there was an obstruction (according to my GP when she read the notes from the hospital) and it was too painful for me to proceed.   I am still waiting to hear when or even if I will have to go back.  Thankfully I am not in so much pain.  Just permanently sore and tired!




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