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Selected Blog, I'm a Gemini

by Anonymous

16 November 2016 at 12:31

16 November 2016

Things really seem to have picked up a pace since my return to normal duties, the weeks seem to be flying by, I dont seem to have time for anything much these days, the short days arent really helping of course.

I started my radiotherapy Monday morning, blimey its cold in that room, the time of year and the fact you have to remove your clothes doesnt exactly help.

They have silly little stickers on the ceiling of the scanner, something to look at while you are laying there and if you find it helps you can ask for your favourite tunes to be played while you are in there too.  I did consider asking for something really strange maybe Firestarter by Prodigy but decided against it.

So far (I have only had 3 sessions) everything seems to be fine, I have not noticed any adverse effects, although I have been told that normally any strange stuff happens about halfway into the treatment, so its a bit of a waiting game at the moment.

Basically you just lay there on the bed very still, arms above your head, the nurses on either side then line you up with the scanner using the dots that have been tattooed on your body. Once you are in position they leave room, after a few minutes the bed you are laying on starts going back into the scanner, you are in there for about 5 minutes while you have the initial scan, you dont really see or hear anything other than a loud beeping noise.

Then the bed moves out again, couple of minutes later the bed moves back in again, the second time is when the radiotherapy happens. The loud beeping starts again and you can hear a strange crackling thumping noise, this goes on for about 5 minutes then the bed moves out again and its all over. Its a bit like having an x-ray, but with noise!

Monday was a nightmare day at the hospital, my radiotherapy was in the morning and my follow up eye appointment was late afternoon, so I ended up hanging around the hospital on my own all day, other than a lot of waiting rooms, and the main shopping, food area, there isnt really much else at hospitals so entertaining yourself is hard work.

I decided to pop along to Maggie’s (such a lovely, lovely, lovely place), I had a cup of tea and while I was chatting to one of the volunteers, she mentioned someone had cancelled a treatment and would I be interested in one, I had time on my hands so I ended up having a lovely relaxing back massage and I have to say it really was a fantastic way to break up an otherwise pretty rubbish day.

To be honest, just sitting over at Maggie’s instead of a hospital waiting room is just so much nicer, its like sitting on the sofa at a friends house. They also have a lovely selection of Christmas cards, the money goes to a very good cause, so if you happen to find yourself at hospital make sure you pop along and buy some.

I eventually popped along to my eye appointment that afternoon, blimey that place is really busy, I had to wait ages to be seen but fortunately after more blinding drops and tests, things are still looking positive, I can still see a bit of the black lacey stuff across my eye, its taking longer than I expected to disappear altogether, but I am kind of used to it now and it is slowly disappearing. I have been booked back in for another check up in 6 weeks time.

I eventually got home around 6pm that night, having been at the hospital since 10am that morning, I had had enough of hospitals, I was exhausted and because of the eye drops, I couldnt really see much either, so I just ended up making myself a cup of tea and went to bed.

I was back at the hospital the next morning for more radiotherapy, as you can imagine, after Monday I was already fed up with having to be there every day, but the radiotherapy sessions are pretty quick, so you are in and out again really.

So radiotherapy is ticking along, my hair is continuing to grow back at a pace, and I am continuing (hospital appointments permitting) to get into work each day, things are all pretty good really.

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