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Selected Blog, I'm a Gemini

by Anonymous

09 November 2016 at 21:30

9 November 2016

I was back at hospital on Monday for an echocardiogram of my heart, I was a little apprehensive because it was the first time anything had been done near my scar, whilst the area is not sensitive or sore, I was a bit sensitive about it being touched, as it was, the nurse doing the scan was very gentle and I had nothing to worry about. I could hear my heart pumping away as she ran the ultrasound over it so I assume everything is in order.

Other than the odd hospital appointment I have been back at work every day, I start my radiotherapy on Monday, I have been advised that people do tend to feel tired as the radiotherapy progresses, I am hoping things will be OK, and I will be able to continue to go to the sessions in the morning and into the office in the afternoons, but we are going to take each day as it comes as from next week, until the final treatment is over.

A strange thing happened yesterday, I had popped round a friends for a catch and some lunch before going into to work that afternoon, but just as we were sitting down to eat, I noticed something strange in my right eye, it was like a black cobweb had suddenly appeared over my eye with lots of smallish black spots all over, at first I thought I was just seeing things, but I realised as I moved my eye, the cobweb thing kept moving too, it didnt hurt but I was a bit concerned that it had suddenly just appeared, so before going into the office I decided to quickly pop up the opticians in the Town.

Unfortunately they were unable to take a look for me as they had appointments booked and suggested I either go to A&E or my local GP, as my GP was on the way to work I decided to stop in there and see if I could get an appointment to see someone and get it checked out.

My other eye was fine, so I was OK driving but it was a bit like have a lacy black veil over one eye. The receptionist at the surgery said they were no appointments available and that I should just go home, lay down and call them if things got worse!!! Honestly!! I was a bit shocked to be honest, but there wasnt much I could do, so I just decided to go to work.

I was explaining to Yvonne what had happened and how I just couldnt seem to get anyone to take a look at it for me, well she was incensed and too be honest, having relaid what had happened I felt a bit annoyed too. She called my surgery and got them to book me in as an emergency or at least get a Doctor to give me a call and speak to me about my symptoms. After an hour, we hadnt heard anything, so she called the surgery again and demanded an appointment, which I duly got.

At 5.30pm that evening I was sitting in the surgery waiting to be seen by a Doctor, 30mins later with a letter from the GP I on my way to hospital, it turned into an unexpected evening and given how quickly the GP bashed out the letter and the fact that she made it very clear that I was to be seen as an emergency it all got a little dramatic.

The GP’s concern was when she had taken a look at my eye, she could see I was hemorrhaging behind my eye (apparently that was the reason for the black veil thing and the spots I was seeing) but she couldnt see clearly enough the reason for the bleeding. I was told I would be given eye drops at the hospital and wouldnt be able to drive home, so I had called Yvonne and asked her if she could rush me over there, we eventually got to the hospital just before 7pm.

We were at the hospital for about any hour. Apparently, the vitreous gel had pulled away from its attachment (this can be quite common), and as it did it had caught a blood vessel (hence the bleeding behind my eye), the concern was if the gel thing had pulled away and not just pulled a bloody vessel but had actually torn my retina (apparently this is not good and could result in loss of vision), the Doctors eventually felt confident that there was no tear and I was told the black veil thing would eventually clear after a couple of days. I have got to return to the eye clinic in a week, they want to check everything is back to normal again, however if things got worse or I notice other changes I have been instructed to call them immediately.

Once I was allowed to finally go home, I was pretty relieved, what with the GP rushing me off to hospital and being blinded by the drops and the lights they kept shining in my eyes I was glad all the drama was all over.

The eye drops made my pupils huge, my eyes were almost entirely black and pretty much everything was now just a blur, so on the walk back to the car I grateful for Yvonne to cling on to. The drive home was interesting, all the night lights looked really strange so it was like I had my own little mini firework display all the way home.

By the time we eventually got home, I had had enough, I made a cup of tea and went straight to bed. When I woke up this morning, my pupils were no longer alien looking, they were back to their normal size, the black lacy veil thing was still there, but as the day has progressed its become less prominent so maybe tomorrow it might be gone completely.

Life eh, what a bloody rollercoaster ride it can be sometimes!

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