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Old timer

by Anonymous

03 February 2018 at 23:18

Can of worms !

Think I've opened a can of worms doing this, can sleep now as fighting off night terror so as I used to do thought I'd write it ..bit boring for any other reader but feel free to switch off

Aged 3 or 4

Wakefield up in my bed at home and take time looking at my orange crushed velvet curtains I am facing and the wallpaper fish stuck on the wall next to it, I made it yesterday at little school and stuck on colourful quality street wrappers.

It is a London  day today little school, but Grandmas or London Hospital?  I remember mum had come in last night to get out my clothes..I got cross as she chose Something Easy and I wanted my nurses out fit  and my purple velvet long sleeved top..she doesn't understand,. If I am dressed as a nurse they won't notice me and nothing bad will happen. If I have my long sleeved top they won't be able to get at my arm.

Downstairs Piers is seated at the yellow kitchen table eating toast,I sit opposite and watch. The kettle is on behind me so we play trains.

I'm hungry but all I get is a spoonful of white medicine ,I open wide and swallow to show how good I can be, red which  I try my hardest but can't face and yellow which makes me gap and vomit. Ashamed as mum is now cross  I  let her put the pink quell under my tongue. Dad is cross too as he is packing the car in case we break down.  Piers finishes his toast takes his round white stugeron  and we sit on the stairs and dress Piers sits one step above me as he is older, not fair! I move above him then he above me till we reach the top. Mum ,still cross tells us to come down so she can help us with our shoes. 

In our red Maxi. Piers and I sit in the back dad drives with the radio on playing Bruck Violin Concecerto. 

We are allowed 1 toy each mum never realises why we pick our pajama case toys, Piers has his basil brush fox and I either choose rosy my doll with named printed flowers and no arms or legs or zippy my panda. Once unzipped loads of our other soft toys fall out. 

We stop at the garage at the bottom of the hillthat leads to big school ,dad gets out for petrol, mum to get sweets for the car...never did work out how the car ate the sweets...wish I could have had one I'm hungry with no breakfast. Piers gets out to watch dad and sit in the reclining front seat as he feels sick. Mum sits in the back with me but doesn't comment on all the toys.

We play I spy,  count bridges, alphabet name game and when we get closer look out for the post office tower, big ben, blue railings and go under the long tunnel..sometimes it scarry other times our toy basil brushes are scarred.

We count to 100 and dad stops to let us out, he goes to park alone.My legs feel like jelly it hard to walk. I look through the black railings to dirty people live down there? Piers is more interested in the green faced clock. The sign on the side of the build says in white letters hospital for sick children, am I sick NO mum says firmly not now.

We walk up the slope of the brick outpatients department,turn left into a lage the left is Peter pan restraunt  with white and picture tiles. The floor is brown speckled with black simular to in sainsburys only much larger squares. In front is the walled porters lodge as to the right a life sized camel for climbing on..we walk around the porters and down 2 wide flights of stairs.


Tired now going to try and sleep again 

Tagged with: Night terror

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