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Selected Blog, I'm a Gemini

by Anonymous

23 June 2016 at 09:31

23 June 2016

Well I had a great day at the office on Tuesday, managed to get all my jobs jobbed. I got home and waited for the District Nurse to pop round to start my injections again this cycle. I had called them on Monday morning to let them know I was on my next cycle and the injections were due to start again on Tuesday.

Usually they turn up before 6pm, but it got to about 7.30pm and no one had been round, so I gave them a call, the Nurse eventually turned up around 8.30pm, there was some confusion initially as they thought they were coming round to flush my PICC line, but it was all sorted in the end.

I was having a bit of a funny day yesterday, its strange how one day can be very different from another as far as what you are capable of doing or how you are feeling. I had finished my Steroids Tuesday night, that might have something to do with it (I only have to take the Steroids the day before, the day of and the day after chemo, although I understand now that I have completed this stage that will change).

The day started off OK, I felt less energetic and more physically tired, but was still able to get some jobs done around the house. By around 2pm I felt exhausted so I lay on the sofa and had a little nap, things never really got much better, so the afternoon was not very productive at all.

The District Nurse never showed up again at the usual time, but I thought things would be OK as they had turned up the previous night and knew I was back on the injections again so I assumed everything had been sorted.

When it got to 8.30pm and they still hadnt turned up I decided to give them a call, eventually someone turned up shortly after 9pm, it seems I had been missed. The Nurse said she had followed it up and everything should be OK again from tomorrow, but I am going to call them to make sure in the morning.

Up until now, everything has been fine, they have been turning up around the usual time, every cycle, so I am sure it will be sorted. However, I am not sure if it was the tiredness or just the worry of them not showing up this time but I found myself getting quite emotional and frustrated about it all yesterday, quite irrational really.

Whilst normally trying to schedule the District Nurse to come over would not exactly be considered rocket science, when you are having a bad day and chemo brain kicks in, you can struggle with even the simplest of tasks; you know you are capable of doing it, and you know its a simple thing, but…

The District Nurses are lovely and its no reflection on them, but I feel angry and frustrated having to deal with these issues, things can sometimes be challenging enough at the moment, having to worry about if I have the right medication or if someone is actually going to turn up and give me my injections is something I would rather not have to worry about.

I want to feel confident and reassured I am getting the best possible care and attention and little things like this dont give me that warm fuzzy feeling.

Anyway, hopefully things are back on track again now, and I will have a much more emotionally stable day, otherwise I might just end up a rocking mess on the sofa by tonight.

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