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Cancer - the word which can strike a sentence.

by Anonymous

11 December 2011 at 19:28

Two weeks ....

My lovely mother-in-law has been struck again with that word which makes such an impact ... CANCER. She was diagnosed with Ovarian in 2007, with secondaries in 2010 and now again, two weeks ago, with an inoperable brain tumour ... if that isn't enough, we have been told it is terminal. This sweet lady who mothers everyone will soon no longer be with us. The emotions which you go through are stark .... Neil and I have spent the last two weeks searching the internet for miracle trials but this has come to no avail. The guilt and sheer determination to not give in are quite overwhelming because this sort of thing does not happen to people like us. Unfortunately it does. I believe in God and pray each night that He keeps us all safe and it looks like He wants Neil's Mum with him.

The steriods which she has been given has controlled many of the symptoms she had (slurring speech, numbness down one side, blinding headaches) and it has bought us some special time.

 Time is a real thing ... we all know that we don't live forever but when you the "T" word is mentioned, blimey time really does become an issue. You become obsessed with when, how long, quality of time, the whole lot. You become so concerned with statistics and averages that you almost forget that you don't have the time to become concerned with all that. Anyone reading this who is in the same position may be looking for some amazing advice will be sadly disappointed ... I suppose it is a natural part of the process and not something to feel bad about.

So we are now entering week three after the diagnosis and she will be off to the radiography  dept in the next three days. We are hoping that it will buy some time and that she will be well for Christmas. And here we are back to the time issue again.

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